The Dog Blog returns with a Pet Poem!

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WOOOFFF! It’s me, Bobby, in my bohemian artist’s beret.  I’ve been having such a quiet, snoozy June that I almost forgot to put in my entry to my Mum’s Pet Poem Competition! Now I don’t have email, so I’m going to put my poem right here. But if YOU”VE got an entry, you have to email it to my Mum’s address at – so there!

Here’s my poem:


I love my pet; she is the best

Though sometimes she can be a pest.

I take her walking every day

And give her lots of games to play

Like Fetch the Lead or Find the Shoe…

I let her scratch my tummy too.

But even though I make her laugh

She won’t forget my weekly bath

Nor will my most annoying pet

Cancel my visits to the Vet!

She makes me sad, she makes me glum

But in the end, she’s still my MUM!

Bobby Dazzler, Dog Poet Extraordinaire

I think my poem’s the BEST!! Well, it’s the best entry from a dog, let’s face it! I can’t wait to see your entries so make sure you send them in today!

And have a great summer!


Calling last entries!!

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Tomorrow’s the day when I decide the winner of my Pet Poem competition! So get that entry in NOW if you want to have the chance of winning a free copy of one of my books!

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