Get those pencils out! The new competition starts TODAY!

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Get ready, get set…GET WRITING! The new competition starts today! So visit the Competitions Page to see what the challenge is this month! Best of luck!

The Dog Blog returns – It’s all about ME!

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Hello all my human fans out there! You know, I’m feeling pretty peeved. I really feel that my acrostic poem should have won the last competition. Yes, I know, Jayesh’s acrostic was brilliant, but in my humble opinion my acrostic was just sublime – I mean, when did you last read a poem written by a dog?

Anyway, I think the next competition should be ALL ABOUT ME!  But my mum says I’m being “egocentric”, which is a really weird word meaning “self-centred” and I don’t have a clue what she’s on about! Just because I’m the most perfect dog in the universe and the best pet in the world and I’m totally superior to any living creature you can care to name doesn’t mean I’m self-centred – it just means I’m honest!

So take a look at the new competition on the Competition Page and see if my mum has taken the hint! And if it’s not ALL ABOUT ME, I’m going to chew up one of her shoes…so there!


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