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From Luis Cobo, Panama: My family is a huge fan of Sarah Brennan’s books. We have collected the 12 Chinese Calendar tales And the Tale of Pin Yin Panda for the past 10 years. We love the whole series and we have enjoyed each book many, many times. I recently donated the Boxed Set to our kids’ school library and has been a huge success. Thumbs up for Sarah and Harry!

From Neil Revie, United Kingdom: The kids and their parents love your books and Susan has been using them in her own school where she teaches primary school children. She tells me that these are books with deep meaning: true classics! I will need to read them myself to find the deep secrets of life!

From Derrick Stone, Hong Kong: Just writing to tell you that my 2.5 year old daughter Esme absolutely loves your books (as do my wife and I). We have them all and read them every night as bed time reading.  Last night for bedtime reading she insisted upon Oswald Ox THREE TIMES… and if I miss a line (to hurry things up… ) she gets mad at me!!! Right now I am going to get the new release (Tale of a  Dark Horse) and I can’t wait! I haven’t told Esme yet… it’s going to be her surprise for tonight. p.s. – can’t wait for the rest!!!

From Birgit Birg, Maryland, USA: Your book The Tale of Sybil Snake is our favorite. We wore our first copy out so much that I had to get a second. I came across it in 2013 when I was visiting HK for a conference. Each year I’d pick up a new book when I came back for that same conference. I now have the entire set. The language, history, and dark-ish humor are a real hit with our two children. My daughter’s name is Alice so we got a kick out of The Tale of Rhonda Rabbit and that cat Alice :-). We like to get the books as gifts for friends.

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