For Parents, Teachers and Librarians

Hello! As you’ve probably gathered, I’m a huge fan of reading and writing, and I’m especially passionate about getting kids OFF digital games and toys and INTO books! So here are:

Article One: How to Create Bookworms in the Digital Age

Top Tip 1: Never Force your Child to Read



Top Tip 2: Be a Good Role Model and Top Tip 3: The Magic of Reading Aloud



Top Tip 4: Make your Home a Reading Haven and Top Tip 5: Give your Child a Sense of Ownership



Top Tip 6: Take an Interest in What your Child is Reading and Top Tip 7: Finding that Special Subject



Top Tip 8: Build Family Outings around Books, Top Tip 9: Rank Bribery and Corruption! and Top Tip 10: Set Aside some Family Time and Turn Off the Tech!



Top Tip 11: Sneaking in Reading under the Radar  and Top Tip 12: Make Digital Technology your Reading Ally

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And finally: A Brave New Year’s Resolution!

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little star1501-p029-F


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  1. Hi Sarah – How might I contact you regarding school visits? Kind regards, A Teacher Librarian in Suzhou, China.

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