November 2021: Interview with Coffee and Conversations

A big thank you to the lovely Shikha Lamba, publisher of the stunning e-magazine, Coffee and Conversations, for this lovely author feature! Shikha’s magazine features fascinating interviews with exceptional writers, artists and thinkers from around Asia and is one of my favourite reads, so I feel very humble and honoured to be their featured author this month! Click on this link to read more (and subscribe too if you want to be encouraged, uplifted and inspired every month!)

November 2021: Book Review – The Asian Review of Books

A big thank you to Melanie Ho, book reviewer for the Asian Review of Books, for her lovely review of my new chapter book for pre-teens, The Marvellous Adventures of Maggie and Methuselah! Publisher Pete Spurrier at Blacksmith Books, artist Charly Cheung and I were soooo happy to read it!

Here’s the reviewer’s conclusion:

Books set in Hong Kong can sometimes have a doe-eyedness about them, where the authors over-explain any inclusion of Hong Kong history, culture and traditions or where the characters and descriptions end up reading as tired and clichéd. This is happily not the case with Brennan and Cheung, whose knowledge, experience and sense of Hong Kong allow them to skillfully integrate history, customs and geography in a fun tale with rich illustrations. A good, old-fashioned adventure awaits.

You can read the complete review HERE! And if you haven’t bought your own copy yet, you can purchase it at your favourite bookshop, or from anywhere in the world online by clicking this link!

October 2021: Listen to my interview with Noreen Mir at RTHK3 about my new book and the launch this Saturday!

A big THANK YOU to the lovely Noreen Mir at RTHK3, who interviewed me yesterday about my new book The Marvellous Adventures of Maggie and Methuselah and the exciting book launch coming up at 3pm this Saturday at Bookazine, Princes Building! You can register on this link.

Just click HERE at 48:40 on the slide to hear all about:

  • my inspiration for the book
  • some of the fascinating true HK history behind it, including the World War II tunnels still lying beneath Hong Kong
  • why Government House in Hong Kong is an important setting in the story 🙂
  • how I first met our fabulous artist Charly Cheung on a plane 🙂
  • what it was like to write a chapter book for the first time after all my rhyming verse in the Chinese Calendar Tales!


RTHK3 interview with Noreen Mir on the 123 Show about The Great Year of the Rat Challenge

Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 12.18.27 PM

If you want to hear lots more about The Great Year of the Rat Challenge 2020 you can listen here to my interview yesterday on RTHK3 with the fabulous Noreen Mir on her 123 Show! The interview starts at 13:17:54 and ends at 13:37:07.

Thanks Noreen for a fun interview, as ever!


Book review: Simon Lau, Chief Sub-Editor (Education) at The Standard, 30 April 2019:

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 8.17.57 AM

To read the full article, click here: Sarah Brennan article


Bookazine Magazine, Spring 2019: How I Landed in Publishing:


Expat Parent, Book Review, February 2019

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 8.56.37 AM

And here’s the link! PDF EP Feb 2019 Book review


Interview and video with Jarrod Watts, South China Morning Post Online, 28 February 2018

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 12.20.24 PM

Many thanks to Jarrod Watt for this fantastic article AND video in the South China Morning Post Online, published on 28 February! You can watch Harry and I talking all about our new story The Tale of Desmond Dog and how we work together on our Chinese Calendar Tales series! You can even see Harry drawing! Please share it with your family and friends! And if you want to buy our exciting new tale about Hong Kong, some wicked pirates and a very brave dog, just click on this link!


Interview with Noreen Mir, 1 2 3 Show, RTHK Radio 3, Friday 9 February 2018

mfile_5979_486456_1_l (1)

This afternoon I had a wonderful chat with Noreen Mir at RTHK Radio 3 on the 1 2 3 Show all about my new book The Tale of Desmond Dog, the amazing history of Hong Kong and notorious pirate queen Ching Shih behind it, and, of course, the official launch of Harry Harrison’s and my book at Bookazine, 3rd floor, Princes Building, tomorrow at 2pm! You can listen to it here !


Shanghai TimeOut Magazine, Summer 2017

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 8.36.40 AM

To read the full article, click on Page 9 here: P4-9 Playground-14


Interview with Louise Saunders of ABC Radio Drive, Hobart, Friday 26 May 2017


I was lucky enough to meet the famous Louise Saunders, of ABC Radio Drive, last Friday afternoon in Hobart, and we had a lovely long chat about Storm Whale, the inspiration behind it, and the writing process. You can listen to the interview on this link!


Tasweekend, 20 May 2017: A Whale of a Tale

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 5.59.48 PM


Expat Parent Spring 2017: Interview with Carolynne Dear

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 8.50.36 AM

For a bigger copy, just click here! Expat Parent, Hong Kong, Spring 2017


My fun interview with RTHK Radio 3!

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Tags: Chinese history, March Madness Minibus Photo Competition, RTHK3, The Tale of Rickshaw Rooster, The Year of the Rooster


Here I am at the studios of RTHK Radio 3, after my fun interview with the wonderful Noreen Mir of the 123 Program on 13th March. And if you want to hear my interview, where I talk about all the fabulous history behind my latest Chinese Calendar Tale, The Tale of Rickshaw Rooster, my writing process, my school visits, my Chinese fairy godfather :), our new minibus advertisements, some exciting news about a new book, as well as my top tips for creating great readers and writers in the digital age, here is the link!


TimeOut Shanghai Family – posted 15 March 2017

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 8.44.08 AM

To read the full article, click here: Preview of “Children’s author Sarah Brennan on her …h history – Family – Time Out Shanghai”


Fun Interview with Ryk Goddard of ABC Hobart

Here’s a fun radio interview I recorded with ABC Hobart’s Ryk Goddard on Wednesday 24th February 2016:


Reading The Tale of Chester Choi at Discovery College!

Huge thanks to my lovely librarian friend Leanne Sercombe for this fun video clip taken while I was reading The Tale of Chester Choi to the scrumptious Grade Ones at Discovery College on December the 4th at their fabulous Arts Festival!


A fun interview at CAIS with Bryce Goff!

Here’s a fun interview I had with Bryce Goff at Christian Alliance International School earlier this year. Enjoy!


Watch my new YouTube video!

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A big thank you to film-maker Ewa Wilkinson for my beautiful new promotional video on YouTube! Watch it now to find out all about my Chinese Calendar Tales, why I love writing, my latest books and why I just ADORE working with kids! Here it is – enjoy!

And here’s just a snippet of me reading from The Tale of a Dark Horse at Renaissance College Hong Kong on Tuesday 1st April, courtesy of teacher Jamie Schmitz – thank you Jamie!


Here are some fun podcasts of my interviews with RTHK Radio 3 over the years:

2nd February 2015 with Noreen Mir:

24 January 2014 with Noreen Mir:

31 January 2013 with Crystal Kwok:

15 February 2012 with Crystal Kwok:

2011 with Sarah Passmore:

2010 with Sarah Passmore:

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