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Anyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about kids reading lots and lots of books – and writing lots and lots of poems and stories. It’s one of the very best things that any kid can do for their brains…grown-ups too! And for kids in poor countries, with little access to books or education, it’s often what will make or break their entire lives. So that’s why I talk about how to create Literate, Literary Kids in the Digital Age in schools wherever I visit (see my website at on the School Visits page).

And it’s also why I’m so very proud to be a Writer Ambassador for RoomtoRead, perhaps the most effective charity in the world today working in developing countries to bring children access to books and to education.

Take a look at the posts below for news about this fantastic charity and their work around the world…but first, make sure you visit their website at to see how you can help.


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