Wow – the Quarry Bay School kids are up and running!

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Ready, steady….GO!!!! I’ve just received 26 fabulous entries into my Pet Poem Competition from the kids of Class 3G, Quarry Bay school! They’re great poems, and a lot of fun to read! We’ve got dogs, cats, goldfish, lizards, a turtle and even some tigers! So get out your pencils and get writing – maybe someone will even send me a poem about a pet rat!!

Do you want to be rich, famous – and happy?

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Guess what! Kids who read lots of books have a longer, healthier, wealthier and happier life than kids who don’t – it’s TRUE! Research in the United States shows that kids who read books:

  • get better grades in school
  • stay longer at school
  • get higher qualifications after school
  • get better paid jobs
  • stay longer in their jobs
  • enjoy their jobs more
  • have better marriages
  • have happier families
  • live longer lives
  • live healthier lives
  • and are wealthier

than kids who don’t!

  •  and the same goes for THEIR kids!

Now that’s 12 GREAT reasons to read books – as well as the fact that reading books is just plain FUN!

So shut down your computer (once you’ve finished reading my blog of course!), get yourself a great book and read your way to a longer, healthier, wealthier and happier life!

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