Rodney Ram meets the Five Rams of Guangzhou!

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Rodney Ram and I arrived in Guangzhou this afternoon and immediately went to beautiful Yuexiu Park to search for Rodney’s famous cousins, The Five Rams of Guangzhou!

Rodney and the pedal boats, Yuexiu Park

First we looked near the pedal boats…but they weren’t there…

Rodney and the opera singer, Yuexiu ParkRodney and the folkdancer, Yuexiu Park

Then we listened to some wonderful Chinese opera singers…and met a lovely dancer…but the Five Rams weren’t there either…

What a BOLD ram with rice in his mouth!

Then, suddenly, at the top of a l-o-n-g  hill, we saw a fierce looking face with rice in its mouth!

The Magnificent Five Rams of Guangzhou!

And then a ram with some adoring sheep around him!

Rodney and I meet the Five Rams of Guangzhou!

TA DA!!! We made it! Many thanks to the very kind man who helped me take these photos – I hope you liked your Rodney Ram Bookmark!

Rodney Ram Heads for Guangdong Province!!

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Rodney Ram is SO EXCITED! And so am I! Today we head up to Guangdong Province, where as you all know, Rodney Ram lived with his flock of pretty sheep!  We’ll be visiting two fabulous schools – ISA Guangzhou on Monday, the the American International School of Guangzhou on Tuesday and Wednesday! We can hardly wait! Keep visiting this blog for all the photos and fun!


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Cute Ram

Wow! I’ve just finished judging a grand total of 175 fantastic entries from 32 schools on 3 different continents in my Shaggy Sheep Poem competition! If I read about one more sheep or ram or goat. I’m going to start bleating VERY loudly! The entries ranged from knock knock jokes to riddles to haikus to limericks to cinqains to rhyming couplets to some really good free verse! And I really loved all your sheep, rams and goats – they were a hairy, noisy lot on the whole but quite adorable, just like my handsome Rodney Ram! Special congratulations to Nicholas Ng from Shanghai United International School in Hongqiao, Shanghai, who won First Place in the Grade 1 to 3 Category, and Ivana Wong from Kowloon Junior School in Hong Kong who won First Place in the Grade 4 to 6 Category. Go to my Clever Competitions page right away to read all the winning entries, as well as some fantastic Special Mentions!

HAPPY EASTER! And it’s time to get that Woolly Poem Written!

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A very Happy Easter to you, wherever you are! Now Easter was a time of rebirth, when Jesus was resurrected from the dead.  And it’s also a time for all things new, because, of course, it’s Spring (at least here in the Northern Hemisphere :))! The trees are blossoming, the daffodils are nodding their golden heads, and everywhere there is new life: baby birds, fluffy golden chicks, new kittens and puppies, colts and calves, and lots of lambs gambolling in the meadows…. speaking of which…

There are just FIVE days left in my Shaggy Sheep Poem Competition!  And there’s no better way to spend a beautiful Easter holiday than writing a fun poem about a ram, a sheep or a goat! So if you haven’t got your entry in now, you’d better get cracking! See my Clever Competitions page above for all the rules! The deadline date is Friday 10th April!


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It must be something to do with Australia’s historical connection to the sheep industry…but the Australian International School Hong Kong just LOVES sheep, and gave my shy sheep Rodney Ram a very enthusiastic welcome today! Here I am above left with lovely teacher librarian Megan O’Connor, with the Thinking Tree, and a very fat Aussie sheep, owned by Senior School librarian Mr Darryl Hopkins (above right) who tried to feed it to a Chinese dragon! The AISHK has SUCH great ideas in the library – like this wonderful Reading Tree (below left) and board games made by the kids about their favourite books (below right). No wonder all the kids at AISHK love reading books!


The Year of the Sheep or Ram or Goat???

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Rodney writing an ode

For all you kids and mums and dads out there who are confused about the name of the Chinese Zodiac animal for this coming Year, here is an article which explains that ALL these names are correct. You could even include a Gazelle! So basically, so long as the animal runs around in a paddock eating grass and going BAAAAAA or MAAAAA, you can safely include it in this Chinese Calendar Year!

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