Rodney Ram meets the Five Rams of Guangzhou!

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Rodney Ram and I arrived in Guangzhou this afternoon and immediately went to beautiful Yuexiu Park to search for Rodney’s famous cousins, The Five Rams of Guangzhou!

Rodney and the pedal boats, Yuexiu Park

First we looked near the pedal boats…but they weren’t there…

Rodney and the opera singer, Yuexiu ParkRodney and the folkdancer, Yuexiu Park

Then we listened to some wonderful Chinese opera singers…and met a lovely dancer…but the Five Rams weren’t there either…

What a BOLD ram with rice in his mouth!

Then, suddenly, at the top of a l-o-n-g  hill, we saw a fierce looking face with rice in its mouth!

The Magnificent Five Rams of Guangzhou!

And then a ram with some adoring sheep around him!

Rodney and I meet the Five Rams of Guangzhou!

TA DA!!! We made it! Many thanks to the very kind man who helped me take these photos – I hope you liked your Rodney Ram Bookmark!

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