The Results are out in my Tale of a Rogue Rabbit writing competition!

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HOORAY! The results in my Tale of a Rogue Rabbit writing competition are out!!

Thank you all so much for your fabulous entries into my latest Clever Competition, The Tale of a Rogue Rabbit! I’ve had so much fun reading them, and chuckling at the antics of your cheeky bunnies and sometimes even naughtier Amur hedgehogs whilst sparing a thought for all your sad princesses! Not to mention singing along with those watermelons!!

There were two notable “firsts” in this competition!

  • The first story written completely in rhyming verse!
  • The first word I had to look up in the dictionary because I’d never heard of it before!

And there was a lot of humour, which is always fun to come across, especially when judging!

You can read all the wonderful winning entries on my Clever Competition page right away! Just click on this link!

Have patience, my friends!

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The Rabbit in the Moon, from The Tale of Rhonda Rabbit, illustration by Harry Harrison

It’s been a week since the deadline of Tale of a Rogue Rabbit story competition and I know, I know, you’re impatient to see the results! I’m having such fun reading your entries, and the results are cooking!! I promise it won’t be long now! Hang in there!!

Just 5 days to go!

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Hop to it my friends! Just 5 days to go to get your entry into my Tale of a Rogue Rabbit writing competition! You can find all the information you need here!

I’m so excited to read your story!

Just 2 weeks left to submit your Tale of a Rogue Rabbit!

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If you haven’t yet submitted your entry for my Tale of a Rogue Rabbit Writing Competition you’d better get hopping! You can find out all the information you need here. I can’t wait to read your entry!

And in the meantime, one of our fabulous entrants is so impatient to find out the winners that she wrote a special poem about it! I thought it was so clever, I had to let you all see it! Thank you Ira Nair for this poem, which made me laugh out loud!

Tick tock

    Waiting and waiting.

    I look out the window,

    I peer through the door.

    I stare at my phone,

    My patience is no more.

    I play with my sister,

    I play with my friends.

    I play with my family,

    Until the deadline ends.

    Waiting and waiting.

    My stomach excited,

    My heart beating fast.

    My head going wild,

    For the results- at last.

    My eyes getting tired,

    My mind feeling bored.

    I’m getting impatient,

    I can’t wait no more.

    Waiting and waiting.

    While I might be tired,

    While this isn’t fun.

    While my patience is low,

    I shall wait till the deadline is done.

    Patience is crucial,

    I shall have to wait.

    Patience is crucial,

    Even when some are late.

    Waiting and waiting.

    I check my emails once,

    And check them once more.

    Looking out the window,

    Peering out the door.

    No need to be impatient,

    Keep steady- just wait.

    Watch the clock tick,

    Until the ending date.

    Waiting and waiting.

By Ira Nair

Are you at primary school? Do you like writing stories?

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Are you a primary school-aged student? Do you like writing stories? And do you like RABBITS??

Then it’s time for you to enter my new Clever Competition: The Tale of a Rogue Rabbit!

Now before I say anything else, I know that Rabbits in the Chinese Zodiac are a very civilized, polite and law-abiding! But as we all know, that naughty Rhonda Rabbit is a rebel from north of the border, who spends her time being extremely UN-civilized, IM-polite and breaking every law Qin Shi Huang puts in her way! She is NOT a Chinese Zodiac type of rabbit at all, but she’s a great reminder to put a rabbit-proof fence around our vegetable gardens!

So for this Clever Competition, I’d like you to write me a story about a rogue rabbit! Go to my Clever Competitions page right away to read all the rules, as well as all the tasty ingredients you must include!

The deadline’s at the end of April, so you have lots of time to write a RAVISHING story! I can’t wait to read it!

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