Just 2 weeks left to submit your Tale of a Rogue Rabbit!

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If you haven’t yet submitted your entry for my Tale of a Rogue Rabbit Writing Competition you’d better get hopping! You can find out all the information you need here. I can’t wait to read your entry!

And in the meantime, one of our fabulous entrants is so impatient to find out the winners that she wrote a special poem about it! I thought it was so clever, I had to let you all see it! Thank you Ira Nair for this poem, which made me laugh out loud!

Tick tock

    Waiting and waiting.

    I look out the window,

    I peer through the door.

    I stare at my phone,

    My patience is no more.

    I play with my sister,

    I play with my friends.

    I play with my family,

    Until the deadline ends.

    Waiting and waiting.

    My stomach excited,

    My heart beating fast.

    My head going wild,

    For the results- at last.

    My eyes getting tired,

    My mind feeling bored.

    I’m getting impatient,

    I can’t wait no more.

    Waiting and waiting.

    While I might be tired,

    While this isn’t fun.

    While my patience is low,

    I shall wait till the deadline is done.

    Patience is crucial,

    I shall have to wait.

    Patience is crucial,

    Even when some are late.

    Waiting and waiting.

    I check my emails once,

    And check them once more.

    Looking out the window,

    Peering out the door.

    No need to be impatient,

    Keep steady- just wait.

    Watch the clock tick,

    Until the ending date.

    Waiting and waiting.

By Ira Nair

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