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February 4, 2016 at 4:42 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

thumb_2016-02-04 12.42.54_1024Meet the remarkable Madeline Painter, from Grade 3 SAIS. It was my great honour to meet her myself today, for her work is some of the most talented writing I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading! Take a look at the Results of my Hair-Raising Halloween Poetry Competition (see the tabs for Clever Competitions 2015/2016 at the right) to see for yourself! I had the chance to chat to Madeline to find out what she does in her spare time and guess what? She reads LOTS of books. She does play the occasional digital game, but only maybe once every couple of days for just an hour. Now that’s what I call smart! Keep up the fabulous work Madeline!

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  1. Beautiful top Sez! Good to chat the other night. I checked out the WordPress theme I use- it’s a free one called Penscratch theme- they should have details of the fint etc. have you downloaded Irfan yet. Just phone me when you have time on Skype and I’ll talk you through using it. Its reallly quite easy when you get used to it and well worth it! I’m now down to 66 percent storage, including my massive post today, and have changed 20/57 posts so far! Hopefully can get it down below 50 percent by the time I finish! Enormous job, but has to be done!!! Much Love and Good Luck to Bea starting her University days! Janey and Ross xxx


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