You can vote for Rodney Ram starting TODAY in the Golden Dragon Book Awards 2016!

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Rodney writing an ode

If you are a school student or a teacher or an interested adult in Hong Kong, you can start voting TODAY for your favourite books in the Golden Dragon Book Awards 2016! The Tale of Rodney Ram is short-listed for the Younger Readers category! Here are just NINE great reasons why you should vote for The Tale of Rodney Ram!

  1. You love Rodney Ram
  2. You love handsome sheep
  3. You love romantic sheep
  4. You love shy sheep
  5. You love artistic sheep
  6. You love eating sheep
  7. You love Sarah Brennan and Harry Harrison’s books 🙂
  8. You want to support local books written by Hong Kong residents!
  9. You can’t think of any good reason why not!
So – please go right away to
to cast YOUR vote!
And remember what the farmer said about his beloved Rodney Ram …
“Mark my words, he’ll bring us fame
And all the world will know our Rodney’s name!”

Thank you Japanese International School!

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A big THANK YOU to the fabulous staff and students of Grades 3 to 6 at Japanese International School in Tai Po for a fun day today! It was great to introduce you to my mischievous Ming Kee Monkey, not to mention some of the fascinating, rare animals of the Yunnan jungle like Binturongs, Gaurs, Civet Cats, Gibbons and Lorises named Doris! And then the Grade 5s and 6s and I met again for fun and games in my Introduction to Poetry Workshops! I was especially impressed with the talent they showed in completing our poem Let’s Destroy the School! I look forward to lots of entries in my Clever Competition – see the button above!

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