Questions about voting in the Golden Dragon Book Awards 2016!

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Precious and Bright Idea

Well, my Inbox has gone crazy with questions since I wrote to you all yesterday about the Golden Dragon Book Awards! Here is a quick list:

Question: Who can vote?

Answer: You can vote if you live in Hong Kong and are

  • a student at an Affiliated School
  • a School Co-Ordinator at an Affiliated School
  • or an Interested Adult at an Affiliated School

Question: What IS an Affiliated School?

Answer: An Affiliated School is one that is registered in the competition. If your school is  not already on the list on the voting page, ask your teacher to write to the GDBA by filling in an easy form at

Question: What is an Interested Adult?

Answer: An Interested Adult is a member of staff or a parent of a child who goes to an Affiliated School (ie a school already on the list on the voting page!)

So if you want to cast your vote, talk to your school teacher today and ask them to make sure that YOUR school is on the Affiliated Schools list!

(And remember, if you like eating lamb chops, PLEASE vote for The Tale of Rodney Ram in the Younger Readers Category!!)


A fabulous day at Kingston International School, Kowloon Tong!

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Today  I had the best day doing workshops with Upper Primary at Kingston International School in Kowloon Tong! The Grade 4s unscrambled limericks and identified haikus and completed the gaps in a horrifying poem called Let’s Destroy the School in my Introduction to Poetry Workshop! The Grade 5s and 6s learned all about How to Write a Riveting Story that will glue the reader’s nose to the page, and left with a fab Story Planning sheet to plan their next stories! And some of them even promised to use them to plan their entry into my current Clever Competition (see tab at the top of this page!). I can’t wait to read their entries! Huge thanks to the lovely Jennifer Shaw for hosting me today! Photos to come!

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