A Marvellous Morning at Buckley House!

February 19, 2015 at 3:06 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Ivanhoe Grammar #4Ivanhoe Grammar #3

Today I spent a fabulous morning celebrating the first day of Chinese New Year with the kids and staff of Buckley House at Ivanhoe Grammar’s Junior School! The Grade 3s and 4s met my redoubtable Rodney Ram, and learned 3 very different theories about how rice came to China! The Grade 6s learned How to Write a Riveting Story, while also hearing an exquisite love story about handsome sportsman Luke and the love of his life, the stunning and clever Alice (thank you Luke and Alice for being such good sports…:)). And finally the Grade 5s learned about why Books are a Brain’s Best Friend. I was really impressed by their comments – it’s clear that there are a lot of kids at Ivanhoe who really do understand how important reading books remains in this digital age. Thanks to the fabulous Grace Molinaro (L) and library technician Anna Consiglio (R) for being such wonderful hosts, and such fun too! Remember all you clever kids to enter my Clever Competition!

Ivanhoe Grammar #1Ivanhoe Grammar #2

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