The Year of the Sheep or Ram or Goat???

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Rodney writing an ode

For all you kids and mums and dads out there who are confused about the name of the Chinese Zodiac animal for this coming Year, here is an article which explains that ALL these names are correct. You could even include a Gazelle! So basically, so long as the animal runs around in a paddock eating grass and going BAAAAAA or MAAAAA, you can safely include it in this Chinese Calendar Year!

Fun with the Giddy Goats at Geelong Grammar Junior!

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Many thanks to lovely librarian Fiona O’Rourke (right below) and assistant Lyn (left below) who hosted me to a fabulous morning today with the loveable lambs of Prep and the giddy goats of Grade 4 at Geelong Grammar Junior School! The big kids met my artistic ram Rodney, and we had a great chat about Chinese customs for Chinese New Year and how these reflect Chinese values and relationships. And the little ones met my vain Pin Yin Panda and learned all about how the animals joined the Chinese Zodiac in Lord Buddha’s Great Race! I hope you all had as much fun as I did! Here I am above with Peter, who was a great help with my Chinese pronunciation – thank you Peter!


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