A Woolly and Wonderful day at The Harbour School!

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A big helloooo to my new friends (and some old ones) at The Harbour School in Kennedy Town! I had a fabulous time today introducing my Chinese Calendar Tales to the kids! Rodney Ram had a good old frolic with the Grade 1 to Grade 3 kids, then Chester Choi raised a few screams and giggles with the Kindy and Pre-Kindy classes. And to top it all off, the Grade 4s to Grade 8s met my mysterious Dark Horse and learned some fabulous history about Han Wudi and the Silk Road. Huge thanks to lovely librarian Goldie Wong who hosted me today (and created the fabulous poster above), and to Deputy Principal Christine Greenberg and Principal Jadis Blurton for inviting me.

THS #4THS 2014

THS #3THS 2014

YAY! I’m Author of the Month at Commercial Press – and a Special Bookreading Event this Saturday!

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This month I’m very honoured to be Author of the Month at Commercial Press! Many thanks to Christa Tam, the founder and manager of Commercial Press’s fantastic Blooming Club, for inviting me! If you want to read her interview with me, just click on the link below!


And if you want to hear me reading Rodney Ram’s shaggy tale, you can visit Kiddyland at Causeway Bay on this Saturday! Find more details and a registration form on the link below:


Rodney and I hope to see you there!

A fun story reading for TEACHERS at ESF Educational Services!

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Yesterday evening I read my new story The Tale of Rodney Ram to more than 20 lovely teachers at ESF Educational Services in Quarry Bay at the end of my workshop about How to Create Bookworms in the Digital Age! They all sat on the floor, and were very good at answering all my questions, and even gave fabulous names beginning with “Sh” to all the sheep, though I did have to remind a few teachers to remember to put their hands up and not to call out :)! Big thanks to Emma Dorrell, Education Manager, who invited me to speak, and to the participants for being such good sports!

Sai Kung was SUPER!

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A big thank you to lovely store owner Ursula Huber for hosting me on Saturday morning! It was great to meet the gorgeous kiddies of Sai Kung and we had a lot of fun with my new Chinese zodiac character Rodney Ram to celebrate the coming Chinese New Year and Year of the Ram! We even had time to throw in a quick reading of my very first book, A Dirty Story! Dymocks Sai Kung #3 Dymocks Sai Kung #4  Dymocks Sai Kung #7 Dymocks Sai Kung #9

Meet Rodney Ram at Dymocks Sai Kung this Saturday morning!

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Dymocks Sai Kung Event Sat 24 January 2015

If you’re anywhere near Sai Kung this Saturday morning, now is your chance to meet the fabulous Rodney Ram! I’ll be sharing his funny Tale with kids, mums and dads at Dymocks Sai Kung, No. 7 Man Nin Street, Sai Kung, New Territories, Tel 2791 9110, from 10am to 12 noon. Make sure you let Dymocks know you’re coming at dymockssk@biznetvigator.com!

Hallo to the marvellous mob at GSIS!

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IMG_8823    SAM_6336

A big thank you to Megan Lindsay and the fabulous Grade Threes, Fours and Fives of German Swiss International School who hosted me today! It was great to see you all again and to introduce you to my shy Sheep, a.k.a. Rodney Ram! Remember to keep visiting my blog in the next couple of weeks so you can find out all about my upcoming writing competition about … sheep, rams and goats! You can see me below with Kristina Akova, 2nd place winner in my Ode to My Favourite Tree competition – well done Kristina!


15 Famous and Fabulous Chinese Heroes to read about!

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China’s history is bursting with the most extraordinary people! From famous philosophers to amazing inventors to fanatical rulers to wicked pirates, you’re bound to find some of your favourite heroes and villains – and discover even more – in the 15 articles I wrote for the SCMP Young Post in Hong Kong from September to December 2014. Go to my new Famous and Fabulous Chinese Heroes page above and click on the links! Have fun!

My first school visit with Rodney Ram today!

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A big hello to all my friends at Japanese International School in Tai Po! It was great to see you again, especially now I’m just living down the road from you all! And thank you for all your excellent work giving names to all the characters in the story. I Forgot the Wolf and Veggie the Tiger would like to say hello again too!

Helloooo again and Happy 2015!

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Hello to all my lovely fans out there! I hope you all had a wonderful festive season and I wish you a wonderful New Year in 2015!

It’s been AGES since I last posted on my blog, but I have my reasons! Yes, my family and I, including our dog Bobby, moved house in December, to beautiful Tai Po Kau in the New Territories here in Hong Kong! And we love it! It’s clean, it’s green, and there are lots of trees to hug, and lovely long walks to take, and best of all, so many monkeys and birds to watch in the forest nearby!


My Hong Kong tour with my new book for the coming Chinese New Year starts tomorrow morning…so here above is a sneak peek of my fun new Chinese Zodiac character, Rodney Ram! He’s handsome, artistic and creative, but very shy and he doesn’t want to lead his flock! But then famine strikes his home in Guangdong province and the flock gets nervous. Will Rodney rise to the challenge and save his woolly friends? You’ll have to buy a copy of my book The Tale of Rodney Ram to find out! It’s in the shops in Hong Kong right now!

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