Some Really Riveting Workshops at CKY School!

October 22, 2014 at 5:49 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

PLKCKY workshop #3SAM_5834

A big thank you to wonderful primary teacher librarian Tammy Ng, who hosted me today at the exceptional PLK CKY School in Piper’s Hill, Hong Kong. The Grade 3 kids learned all about the vital importance of story planning in my How to Write A Really Riveting Story Workshop, with the help of my famous adventure story about the dog who was kidnapped by aliens, and my scary mystery story about the missing teachers of CKY School! Then in the afternoon the primary teachers and I explored How to Create Bookworms in the Digital Age. It was great to share ideas on this urgent topic, with teachers who really care about kids’ literacy. You can see Miss Tammy above, standing in front of a magic reading castle in just one of the many rooms in the school which are devoted to books. It was fantastic to spend time among such kindred souls!


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  1. Dear Sarah,
    Thank you so much for visiting us in CKY School. It was a pleasure meeting you and hearing all of your wonderful advice. The advice that I loved the most was to lead by example. Since I attended your workshop I have made a point of going to the library every Friday. I made sure my students know when I am going. When I pick out some story books I share the stories with the students. This has improved the atmosphere in the class and my relationship with the students. It has also rekindled my love of poetry, I have started to read poems to the students and to my surprise they could tell me the meaning and themes of the poems! The result has been amazing; we got an email telling us since September my students have so far read 365 books. This is the highest it’s ever been. I can see the excitement on their faces as they run in to me in the morning. They are so excited to share their stories and opinions of the books that they are reading. This is all because I made the first step to show my students how much I love to read. Thank you sincerely for what you have done for 1D class and for me a teacher.
    Sincerely Ms Aisling and 1D class
    CKY School, Hong Kong

    • Thanks so much for your lovely post Aisling! I was so happy to read what a fantastic impact you are having on your students! You are definitely setting them off on the path of a love of reading, and they will remember and treasure you for that when they are older. Thanks so much for sharing the great news with me, and my congratulations to you for being such an inspiration to your students!

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