Malala is joint winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2014!

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Fantastic news!! 17 year old Malala Yousafzai has just been awarded joint winner of the famous Nobel Peace Prize! And she’s the youngest ever recipient of the Prize! If you scroll down my blog you will remember that Malala is my favourite hero, for her courageous fight for the rights of girls to be educated in her home country Pakistan. After being shot and nearly killed by the Taliban she was flown to Birmingham in the UK for treatment, and has stayed there ever since, as it is too dangerous for her to return to her beloved Swat Valley. But she is continuing the fight for ALL children, EVERYWHERE to have a proper education. She was in the middle of a chemistry class at school when she was told about her prize! Click here to hear this extraordinary girl talk about it, and why not ask Mum and Dad to listen too!

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