Two funny and fabulous days at Sha Tin Junior School!

May 7, 2013 at 6:06 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments


What fun I’ve had this week with my old friends, the fabulous kids and teachers of Sha Tin Junior School! I’ve had two terrific days introducing Sybil Snake to the kids of Grades 1 to 4, with loads of sybillant SSSSSes, SSShhhhhes and karate chops! It was so great to see everyone, and especially to catch up with Grade 4 student Hillary Lo, pictured below! For those who have been following the comments on my blog and my Clever Competitions, Hillary will be no stranger! Hillary is an excellent writer who regularly enters my writing competitions, and who has gained Runner Up in my Autumn Haiku competition and Third Place in my Jade Dragon Story Competitions last school year! She has also contributed many wonderful quotations to My Favourite Sayings page above – click on the link above and scroll down the comments to see them!

Sybil snake and me! #2


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  1. Thanks for your visit! I enjoyed it very much. I hope you come back next year to see us again and do you visit Sha tin college? If you do, then I’ll be very happy to see you when I’m in college but if you don’t , I’ll be missing you a lot, Sarah Brennan.


  2. Thanks for visiting Sha Tin Junior school! we had so much fun.Have you eaten your chocolate?I hope you did not give any to your husband!Do you like your chocolate?And the card visit us again!BYE!


    • Thanks Reva! I LOVED the chocolates, thank you very much, and so did my husband….And the card was lovely too – it’s going in my special box for fanmail which I love looking at from time to time! Keep in touch!

  3. Hey!Don’t call us rotters!Hmp!…..thanks

  4. Sarah,I think you are in your bed now, too exhausted to move,visiting all the schools! I just made an account gravater- a picture of a rainbow! Isn’t it pretty?!

    • Dear Fiona – thank you for your concern! Well done on your rainbow!

  5. I really enjoyed you visiting the year 5s, especially when you made the story about Athena and Jason and the painting of the castle

    • Thank you Athena – I really enjoyed my visit too. I hope you enjoyed writing up your first draft afterwards!

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