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Like most of you, I’ve just stopped work for the summer holidays! My family and I are off to France to visit my husband’s family and to enjoy the beautiful French countryside and some heavenly French food! My dog Bobby will have a quiet summer here in Hong Kong being spoiled rotten! And I hope all of  you have a wonderful time too, wherever you may be! Rest up, read lots of wonderful books, and if you get the writing bug, make sure you enter my Clever Competition! But above all, HAVE FUN, and I’ll be in touch when school starts again!

Let the Summer Story Competition commence!

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beijing-forbidden-city_1679_600x450(photo credit to National Geographic)

The Forbidden City in Beijing – mighty, mysterious, and the perfect setting for my Summer Story Competition!

The summer holidays are about to begin, with long lazy days and time to think, read, and dream. They’re also the perfect opportunity to write a great story! For my latest Clever Competition, I want you to write me a story about The Secret of the Forbidden City! I’m looking for mystery, magic and adventure!  I’m looking for fabulous vocabulary and excellent style! Most of all I’m looking for an exciting story line which keeps me pinned to the edge of my seat!

All the rules are now on my Clever Competitions page above, so take a look and start scribbling! Deadline date for entries is Tuesday 3rd September.

The Resultssss are Out!

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Sybil neck up_lowres

I’ve just posted the results of my Ssscintillating Snake Poem Competition on my Clever Competitions page above! I had so much fun reading all your poems – they were absssolutely fantassstic! With a grand total of 151 entries from 23 schools in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Taiwan, Brisbane and Melbourne, the competition proved hugely popular with you all! It must be because you all loves snakes so much :)! Special congratulations to Athena Yung, Grade 1 at Harrow International School Hong Kong (winner of the Kindergarten and Grade 1 Category), Elle McGuire, Grade 3 Glenealy School Hong Kong (winner of the Grade 2 to 3 Category), and Emma Reed, Grade 6 Glenealy School Hong Kong (winner of the Grade 4 to 6 Category). They’ll each receive a free signed copy of one of my books! So go ahead, slither off to my Clever Competition page and immerse yourselves in some sssscintillating Snake Poems! And keep visiting my blog for details of my Summer Story Competition to be posted soon!

Please be patient!

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Hello to all you clever poets out there who entered my Snake Poem Competition! I’m just judging all the entries now and I’m having a lovely time! It will take me a few days though, so please be patient and I’ll let you all know the results as soon as I can!

The Dog Blog returns…with a Snake Poem!

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Here I am again, Bobby the Coolest Dog in the Blogosphere! Now my mum Sarah Brennan tells me that the deadline for the Snake Poem Competition is this Friday 7th June, so I thought it was about time I entered myself (being a famous dog poet, as we all know).

So here’s my poem…and if I don’t win the Competition I’m going to be seriously mad at my Mum and might not wag my tail at her for at least a week – so there!!


Snakes don’t like dogs – it’s plain to see

For rarely do they both agree:

A dog loves humans; snakes do not

A dog likes cool; a snake likes hot

A dog is bouncy, soft and round;

A snake lies cold against the ground

A dog can fetch a stick and play;

A snake just sleeps or slides away

And yet despite our different ways

I have to give the snake due praise

For once its heart’s no longer tickin’

I’m told a snake tastes just like chicken!

Bobby Dazzler,  Dog Poet Extraordinaire

Now if I can write a poem SO CAN YOU! So if you haven’t got your entry into my Mum’s Clever Competition yet, you’d better get cracking and send it in by this Friday! All the rules and information are on the Clever Competition page above.


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