A SSSSuper Day at Japanese International School in Tai Po!

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What a great day I had today with the very switched on kids of Japanese International School in Tai Po! It must be all that fresh mountain air and sea mist…the kids were wide awake (just like Sybil Snake) and full of great questions and even smarter answers! We had four fabulous reading sessions where I introduced the kids to my lovely Snake, followed by some fun Q and A. Thanks to Josh Blue, the wonderful PYP co-ordinator, for organising a great day! I look forward to lots of entries in my Clever Competition!

Halloooo AISHK kids!

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AISHK#4 copy

Well that was a fantastic day I just had at the fabulous Australian International School in Hong Kong today! Four great sessions with five fantastic grades and a whole lot of ssssing, sshhhhing, Chinese history, folk stories and fun! Thanks to the lovely Megan O’Connor for inviting me! And as to all you kids….hmmm….remember to enter my Clever Competition and keep on reading great books!

A quick hello to the Lower Kornhill Kids!

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Hello you lovely Lower Kornhill kiddies! Didn’t we have fun with Pin Yin Panda today! Aren’t books fabulous fun? Keep on reading lots and lots of books!!

A big HELLO to all the lovely kids at three VEO Kindergartens!

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What a great time I had today – and last week – reading to the scrumptious kiddies at VEO Harbour Heights (last Friday) and VEO Middle Kornhill today! At Harbour Heights we had a whole lot of fun, if not pandemonium, following the adventures of Pin Yin Panda as she tried to win Lord Buddha’s Race so that she could join the Chinese Zodiac! Then at Middle Kornhill there were ROARS and SCREAMS as Temujin the Tiger (a.k.a Genghis Khan) went head to head with Princess Precious in The Tale of Temujin! Thanks to MaryAnn Bartlett and Natalie Gaskin, Heads of English, for giving me such a warm welcome to their lovely schools! I can’t wait to visit the Lower Kornhill kids on Thursday this week!

A Terrific Day at Think International School!

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What a wonderful time I had today at Think International School, a small but very special school in Kowloon Tong! The little ones in Kindy and Grade 1 were fantastic at their Italian “magnifico”s in The Tale of Chester Choi; the Grade 2s and 3s were experts on the Chinese Zodiac animals in The Tale of Pin Yin Panda, and the Grades 4 to 6 were not only very good at sound effects, but also acted very convincingly as ostriches and walking fences when we discussed the Silk Road as part of my Sybil Snake story reading! Huge thanks to Purti Singh, the PYP co-ordinator, for inviting me to the school and looking after me so well during my visit!

Halloooo Glenealy School!!

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Thank you to the fabulous Mrs Oliver and Mrs Jandu for hosting me today at the wonderful Glenealy School! I had so much fun with the fantastic primary school kids, with my gorgeous Sybil Snake slithering along all day! It was great to see you all again, and I hope to see dozens of Snake Poems from the kids in my Clever Competition! So click on my Clever Competitions page above right away and start writing…..SSSSSSSSS!


A wonderful day at Sharon Lutheran School!

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Thank you so much to Principal Jessie Yum and dedicated teachers Angela Yeung, Marcus Lo and Anita Tse who invited me to visit Sharon Lutheran School today! It was great to meet the students of Grades 1 to 3 for a workshop on the Importance of Reading Books, and then to talk to the Grade 4 to 6 students about How to Write a Riveting Story! We had a lot of fun acting out my famous Missing Dog story – thanks especially to Ben and the other brave students who took on the roles of the various characters!

Sybil Snake visits Renaissance College Hong Kong…SSssssss!

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Sybil Snake slithered into Renaissance College Hong Kong today for four funny and fabulous reading sessions with the fabulous RCHK kids from Grades 2 to 6, and even an impromptu “play” put on by six fearless Grade 2 kiddies about Sybil’s secret treasure trove and her transformation into a beautiful young maiden! Thank you my dear friends Andrea Walker and Shirley Chan for a magical day!

Thank you Beacon Hill School!

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A big hello again to all you lovely BHS kids who are obeying your solemn vows today to visit my website! Well done, you shall not instantaneously explode!!! I had such fun today – I really enjoyed sharing my love of poetry with the Grade 4s in our Poetry Workshop , and exploring how you publish books from Brilliant Idea to Final Product with Grades 5 and 6! Then I had a ball with Grades 2 and 3 introducing them to my beautiful, mysterious and sneaky Sybil Snake! Keep on reading lots of books and writing lots of poems and stories!

Snakes Alive at Lantau International School!

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CIMG0203 - Version 2

A big thank you to one of Hong Kong’s most charming and original schools, Lantau International School, for a wonderful visit today! It was great to see you all again, and I loved telling my Tale of Sybil Snake to kids who have seen so many real snakes on Lantau Island over the years! And thank you especially for the unique gift of a baby cobra skin! I’m so excited to be able to show that to the kids on my Hong Kong school tour – they’ll be fascinated! So many of you gave me special drawings and notes today, which will go straight into my own personal treasure chest in my office, where I keep all my lovely fan letters. They are so welcoming and kind, and I really appreciate them! And I’ll let Harry Harrison know how much you love his illustrations too – he’ll be chuffed! Keep on reading and writing, and I can’t wait to see some of your poems about real snakes in my Clever Competition!

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