Last but not least….the fabulous Victoria Kindergarten at Causeway Bay!

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VEO Causeway BaySabrina, Jan and Sarah copy

My very final stop on my annual Hong Kong Schools Tour was the delightful Victoria Kindergarten at Causeway Bay today. This time that cheeky Pin Yin Panda pushed in (as she always does!) and visited the kindy kids in Sybil Snake’s place! We had a lot of fun finding out more about Lord Buddha’s Race and all the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, with some very interesting questions afterwards! Many thanks to Principal Sabrina Lee (on the left) and Head of English Jan Rossiter for inviting me and preparing the kids so well!

Two terrific days with the Grade 5s, Shatin Junior School!

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Well that was a fun ride! The Grade 5s at Shatin Junior School and I spent five fabulous sessions this week Nailing the Narrative Curve, with a great deal of attention to Story Planning! And what funny stories we constructed together! There was the lamb chop which turned into a lamb in Butchertown; the painting which bit its painters and sent them on a rollicking adventure in King Arthur’s Court; the married scientists who were saved from boiling alive in a giant volcano by a talking dog; the evil skull-faced old lady who killed a whole classroom but was defeated by a fire-wizard student, and last but not least, the boy who fell of a ladder in the kitchen and ended up in Venezuela! Have fun writing up your first drafts, but remember….follow the story plan!

Sybil loves Quarry Bay School!

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024 SAM_3448

Sybil Snake and I slipped into Quarry Bay School for four fun reading sessions on Friday with the fabulous Grade 3s! They were terrific with their SSSS-ing and SSSHHH-ing, and even better with their karate chops! Well done kids, and I hope to see lots of entries from you in my Clever Competition! Many thanks to Mona Abidi, Grade 3 Co-ordinator, and Steph Gilchrist, Teacher Librarian, for having me!

A Poetic Morning at French International School, Chai Wan Campus!

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FIS poetry workshops

What with poetry galore, some fabulous French kids, and the beautiful campus-in-the-trees at Chai Wan, I had a really lovely morning at the FIS last Wednesday! Thanks so much to Sarah Cotillon for inviting me to visit the kids of P5/6 whose English is a whole lot better than my French!

Hello Canadian International School!

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IMG_0261 CIMG2511

A big thank you to Canadian International School for a wonderful day today, introducing my Sybil Snake (and a whole lot of history, not to mention mystery) to the kids from Grades 1 to 4! We had so much fun SSSSssssing and SSShhhhhing, and the Kung Fu was great fun too! I hope you all had as good a time as I did! And warm thanks to my dear friend, librarian Myrna Holm, for inviting me again to CDNIS – it’s always a great day!


A funny and fabulous morning at Harrow International School!

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A big thank you to Shelagh Green (pictured above) and the terrific kids and teachers of Grade 4 at the brand new, very impressive Harrow International School on the Gold Coast near Tuen Mun! We had loads of fun exploring lots of different sorts of poems in my Introduction to Poetry Workshop, what with puzzles like unscrambling limericks and identifying the haiku-that-wasn’t, challenges including my rhyming word competition which came up with wonderful big words like “precipitation” and “personification”, and of course, filling the missing blanks on that wacky poem “Let’s Destroy the School”! I look forward to receiving lots of entries in my Clever Competition from the Harrow kids!

Halloooo DBIS!

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A big hello to the lovely staff and kids of Discovery Bay International School, where I spent two happy sessions reading my Tale of Sybil Snake to Grades 2 to 6! There was a great deal of mystery…and even more history, as we explored Chinese folklore and the Tang dynasty, and the extraordinary Silk Road! Thank you so much to Kate Basford (pictured) for inviting me in again – I felt I was amongst old friends, and your welcome was very special. I look forward to lots of DBIS entries in my Snake Poem competition – see my Clever Competitions page above NOW!

Two funny and fabulous days at Sha Tin Junior School!

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What fun I’ve had this week with my old friends, the fabulous kids and teachers of Sha Tin Junior School! I’ve had two terrific days introducing Sybil Snake to the kids of Grades 1 to 4, with loads of sybillant SSSSSes, SSShhhhhes and karate chops! It was so great to see everyone, and especially to catch up with Grade 4 student Hillary Lo, pictured below! For those who have been following the comments on my blog and my Clever Competitions, Hillary will be no stranger! Hillary is an excellent writer who regularly enters my writing competitions, and who has gained Runner Up in my Autumn Haiku competition and Third Place in my Jade Dragon Story Competitions last school year! She has also contributed many wonderful quotations to My Favourite Sayings page above – click on the link above and scroll down the comments to see them!

Sybil snake and me! #2

SSSsssssssssss! The Competition is Hotting Up!

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Sybil neck up_lowres

With over 60 entries to date from 19 different schools in 5 different countries, my Snake Poem Competition is starting to ssssssizzle! If you haven’t put your entry in yet, it’s time to start writing! Go to my Clever Competitions page above right away for all the details about how to enter and what to write! Just one month to go now before the deadline!

Thank you YCIS!

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A big thank you to Ann Brown, librarian extraordinaire at Yew Chung International School in Kowloon Tong, for inviting me in today for Poetry Workshops with the Year 5s! What with knock knock jokes and limericks and haikus and rhyming verse, not to mention clerihews and ballads and funny free verse, we had a lot of fun! And the kids did a masterly job on Destroying the School at the end of the sessions, with some fabulous rhymes and perfect rhythm – well done all of you! I look forward to some fantastic entries in my Clever Competition!

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