Hi Kay Carl Elementary again!

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Hi again to all you fabulous kids at Kay Carl Elementary in Las Vegas and to your terrific teacher Mr Dwyer with his talented Coyote! It was great fun to meet you all today, albeit at 4.40am…! Make sure you keep visiting my blog to keep up to date with all my books, news and writing tips – and I look forward to seeing some great US entries into my writing competition on the Clever Competitions tab above!

And for those who haven’t met him yet…here is Coyé the Coyote Superstar:

Curl up with Coye croped

Mr Dwyer advises: “He’s our unofficial mascot. As the only talking coyote in the business, he’s a famous Hollywood actor.  Anytime a coyote is seen in a film, that’s probably Coyé ‘acting’ like a regular coyote. Likewise, any time you see a coyote illustration in a children’s book, it was probably Coyé who posed for the illustrator. Despite all of his success, our favorite coyote makes the time in his busy schedule to come to our school and read. He gets into lots of trouble but he’s usually forgiven since he’s as loveable and funny as he is mischievous.”

Now wouldn’t you just LOVE to have a Reading Superstar like that at YOUR school?

The US editions of my books are available now!

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Thanks to my US and Canada publishing partners Eliassen Creative, you can now purchase my books in the United States and Canada! And I just received my copies of the US edition in the post today! These ones are soft cover – but you can also get fabulous hard cover versions too! Just visit http://www.amazon.com to order your books today!

Helloooo Kay Carl Elementary School, Las Vegas!

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A big warm Hong Kong hello to the kids of Mrs Schrader’s class at Kay Carl Elementary School in Las Vegas! I’m really looking forward to our Skype visit today in just ten hours’ time! And if YOU want to say hello to the kids of Hong Kong – and kids all around the world who visit my blog – then why don’t you leave a comment on this post today?!

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