Aieeeya! Here I am live on ABC3 TV!

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If you’d like to see me in action talking about The Tale of Sybil Snake and throwing cream pies on ABC3 TV yesteday, just click on the link below on the Picks of the Week Section – Aiiieeeeya!

Great news – the ABC3 program is airing this afternoon from 3pm !

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All’s well that ends well, and my segment with ABC3 will be airing from 3pm this afternoon and the second segment tomorrow at 6.30am. So please do tune in to watch if you’re able to! I’ll post the link to ABC archives afterwards, and upload the program on my website soon!

My apologies…

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My apologies to any lovely fan who got up early this morning to watch me on ABC3TV for Kids – I watched it too, and they DIDN’T screen my recording or anything about Chinese New Year for that matter! I”m assuming it will be on tomorrow (Monday 6.30am to 8.40am)) so stay tuned! I”ll post a link or recording as soon as I can!

Kung Hei Fat Choi! What a fabulous Chinese New Year’s feast!

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Lucy CNY dinner Melb Feb 2013 003
Lucy CNY dinner Melb Feb 2013 013

Now THIS is what a Chinese New Year’s feast looks like! According to Chinese tradition, there are the four special meats, beef, fish, chicken and pork, and all sorts of delicious pastries and other delicacies. I was very honoured last night to be invited to my friend Lucy Liu’s home for a delicious feast and Chinese New Year’s Eve celebration, with dumplings at midnight to welcome the New Year! Thank you Lucy for a memorable evening!

Families can get published too!

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Dymocks Camberwell event CNY Eve 2013 001

Introducing Sue Ogilvie and her two kids Aimee and Liam Comas!  Sue is the author of the hilariously funny Agatha Twisty in Who Stole the Queen’s Diary, published by Apple Orchard Books, about a smart and savvy girl detective who loves solving school mysteries! It’s fabulous fun and a must-read! But the even more special thing is that Sue’s kids Aimee and Liam were the illustrators! How’s that for talented?! It all goes to prove that you’re never too young to be published!

AIEEEEYA! What a fun way to greet the Year of the Snake!

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Dymocks Camberwell event CNY Eve 2013 032

Sybil Snake was welcomed in fine style at Dymocks Camberwell this afternoon, with much hissing and shooshing and even kung fu! Here are some of the fabulous guests practicing their kick-boxing along with Sybil’s nemesis, that wise monk from Beijing! We had a reading, a quiz, and prizes galore! There were kids, mums, dads, dogs and even a man in festive lantern earrings!!!Thanks Henk and Kat for a fabulous afternoon!

Dymocks Camberwell event CNY Eve 2013 053Dymocks Camberwell event CNY Eve 2013 055Dymocks Camberwell event CNY Eve 2013 065

Dymocks Camberwell event CNY Eve 2013 056

Dymocks Camberwell event CNY Eve 2013 058Dymocks Camberwell event CNY Eve 2013 012Dymocks Camberwell event CNY Eve 2013 005Dymocks Camberwell event CNY Eve 2013 007

MLC was ssssimply ssssuper!

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MLC FEb 2013 012 - CopyA big hello to the lovely Tracey Ricchini, junior librarian extraordinaire at Methodist Ladies College, and all the lovely ladies of MLC! It was fabulous to meet you all this afternoon! I look forward to seeing  you all again sssssoon!

Thank you Richmond West Primary School!

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Jan - Feb 2013 006 - Copy

What a great day that was today! A big thank you to Anna Wood, Deputy Principal of Richmond West Primary School in Melbourne, for inviting me to visit! We read The Tale of Sybil Snake, with some fabulous SSSSSSes and SHHHHHes and we learnt all about How to Write Riveting Stories- it was a lot of fun! Keep on reading and writing and remember, writing is Playing with Words!

Helloooo Melbourne – I’m coming back this week!

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Tonight I fly to Melbourne in Australia for two terrific weeks of school visits and events! A Big Hello to all the kids at Richmond West Primary School, Scotch College, Coburg West Primary School, Doncaster Gardens Primary School and Collingwood College –  I can’t wait to meet you all and to introduce you to my lovely Sybil Snake! And if you’re near Camberwell at 2pm on Saturday 9 February, there’ll be a funny and fabulous Chinese New Year Story Reading and Booksigning with Sybil Snake and I at Dymocks Camberwell at The Well Shopping Centre, Shop 114, 793 Burke Road. So come along and join in the fun! 

The Party Girl says THANKSSssssss!

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Snake neck up_lowres - CopySybil Snake, Harry Harrison and I had such fun at Bookazine Princes Building on Saturday afternoon at Sybil’s official Hong Kong launch! With over 100 kids, mums and dads, a fun story reading,  Harry’s annual quiz for everyone from the tiniest tots to the big grown-ups, lots of prizes, a big booksigning,  and yummy drinks and snacks provided by the Bookazine team, not to mention delicious wine generously donated by Essential Fine Wines, we all had a ssssimply ssssuper time!   Thank you to all my lovely fans for coming, and we’ll see  you all again at Bookazine next year! Lots of lovely photos to come!

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