A Case of Clever Calligraphy!

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Ni Hao to Adam, a clever young man from Scotch College, where I visited on Monday (see below). Adam is learning the ancient and beautiful art of Chinese calligraphy from private teacher Jason Huang, and very kindly asked Jason to create a very special gift for me: 12 gorgeous red-and-gold-flecked paper diamonds bearing the names of the 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac! Here I am with Adam, my bad Billy Boy dragon (cousin to Chester Choi who as we all know eats children) and the sign for Dragon or lung. Thank you Adam and Jason! And if you’d like to see all 12 signs, keep an eye on my Which Zodiac Animal Are You? page above – I’ll be uploading them shortly!

A Ssspecial Messsage from Harry Harrison!

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Harry's CNY SnakeA very happy New Year of the Snake to all of you from Harry Harrison, the brilliant illustrator of my Chinese Calendar Tales!

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