Hello all you SSSuper SSStudents of Scotch College!

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Today I had a fantastic day at the wonderful Junior School at Scotch College in Melbourne! We had five busy story sessions, and I read a host of stories to the boys, from The Tale of Sybil Snake to The Tale of in Yin Panda to The Tale of Rhonda Rabbit to The Tale of Temujin! It was funny and fabulous and full-on, and I had a ball! Thank you to the lovely Jocelyn Pride, Head of Junior School Library, who hosted me, pictured above with me and Zingora, Scotch’s very own Chinese super-dragon, made by the boys in 2009 to honour the Beijing Olympics. You can find out more about him at http://www.scotch.vic.edu.au/gscot/09maygs/22.htm.

Aieeeya! Here I am live on ABC3 TV!

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If you’d like to see me in action talking about The Tale of Sybil Snake and throwing cream pies on ABC3 TV yesteday, just click on the link below on the Picks of the Week Section – Aiiieeeeya!


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