A real story about Emperors and Carrots!

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Here’s a real life story about Emperors and carrots! I received a lovely email the other day from one of my favourite Shanghai librarians who told me that on a visit to the Forbidden City in Beijing recently, her 5 year old girl daughter Daisy, who was passing a piece of ground with a little bit of grass on it, turned to ask her “Is this where the Emperor planted his carrots?” I thought that was really adorable! Here’s a picture of me with Daisy Greenslade when I was in Shanghai in March – isn’t she a cute bunny?!


Tick Tock Tick Tock….just 8 days left on the Clock!

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If you haven’t put your entry into my Clever Competition: Chocolate and Chinese Emperors Story Competition yet, you’d better get hopping; there are just 8 days left to the deadline on 31 May! Hurry, hurry…but remember to follow the rules and send your entry to the email address in the instructions on my Clever Competition page NOT to my blog!

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