A bad bunny in the Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai!

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What better way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon in Shanghai than to visit the beautiful Yuyuan Gardens! They were SO exquisite…so Rulin Rabbit has decided to show you some of her favourite photos!

The Yuyuan Garden is located near the Bund in the Old Town of Shanghai. It was built during the Ming Dynasty by Pan Yunduan, a wealthy Chinese man. He wanted to please his Dad, an important official in the government,  by creating a lovely place for him to spend his retirement. He spent almost twenty years, from 1559 to 1578, on this special project, and used up all his savings! Now that’s filial devotion for you! 

Your tour begins here! Your job is to spot the bunny!

The famous ZigZag bridge:

 The exquisite pavilions:

Tranquil gardens, rockeries and ponds:

Even the interiors of the pavilions were lovely:


Look at this flying dragon!

Everything was touched by beauty: even the rooftops, walls and gates!

The magnificent carved windows and doorways:

But danger lurks in hidden places!

And bunnies have to watch their Ps and Qs, or something horrible might happen!

I think it’s time we left and found ourselves a nice cup of tea!

Dusk is falling as we leave the magical Yuyuan Garden… and the lights are going on all over Shanghai…

Goodbye beautiful Shanghai – we’ll see you again soon!

Hello all you SAS Puxi kids!

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Well that was fun…three fabulous days with the kids of Shanghai American School Puxi! What with story readings and whistlestop workshops and lunches with the Library Experts and chats with aspiring authors, it was full on! Thanks to all the staff and especially Rosemary Kinyanjui for all the excellent preparation and support!

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