Adios again, amigos … I hope you have a HOPPY SUMMER HOLIDAY!

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Hello again dear friends…I’ve been away the last couple of weeks and I’ve missed you!

But now I’m back, just in time to wish you all a wonderful, splendiferous, magnificent and magical summer holiday! And if you’re one of those budding authors who just HAS to write, or even if you’re just a bit bored and looking for something fun and challenging to do, there’s a brand new writing competition to enter over the holidays – see my Clever Competitions page for all the details!

Have a fabulous holiday…and remember, even if you’re not going anywhere special, books can take you anywhere you please! So whisk yourself away somewhere special in the pages of some brilliant books this summer!

More Wicked Words, Amazing Authors and Brilliant Books…!

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Are your bookshelves resplendent with glorious books? Is your vocabulary resplendent with dazzling words? Hmmm…. I can see you scratching your head and saying “what’s resplendent“??? So quickly – go to my Wicked Words page to find out the latest Wicked Word to baffle your mum and dad, bamboozle your teacher, and above all, ANNOY your brothers and sisters!!

Then scoot along to my Brilliant Books page to read about a courageous mouse with big ears, an evil rat who loves soup and a servant girl with cauliflower ears who wants to be a princess!

And… if you REALLY want to be a writer, the best thing you can do today is to click on my Amazing Author page where the author of my latest Brilliant Book has many wise and wonderful words of advice for you!  So hop to it! It’s all waiting for you right now!


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A big thank you to teacher librarian Bryant McEntire, Kat and all the staff and kids at CAIS upper and lower schools for a fantastic TWO days this week! It was great to meet you all, and especially to meet in person so many competitors …and place-winners!… in my Clever Competitions! I look forward to more entries in the future!


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Phew! I’ve finally finished judging the sixty entries in my Chocolate and Chinese Emperor Story competition! And if someone shows me a single square of chocolate I’ll SCREAM!!!!! The results have just been posted so go to my Clever Competitions page to read the 5 winning entries in each category!  Special congratulations to Natasha Diederen of Grade 3, ISF Academy Hong Kong (overall winner of the Grade One to Grade Three Category) and Kelly Chen of Grade 6, Morrison Academy Kaohsiung, Taiwan (overall winner of the Grade Four to Grade Six Category) for their prize-winning entries!

Make that SIXTY entries in my Story Competition!

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Hello  all you fabulous writers out there.  I know you’re all champing at the bit to find out who were the finalists in my competition BUT…I’m still judging busily! Have patience…it won’t be long now!

Wow! What a competition!

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Hello all you writers out there! There have been over 50 entries into my Chocolate and Chinese Emperors Story competition and I’m still busy judging all your entries! The stories are fabulous, but I have to admit I’m getting a bit chocolate-ed out! If someone shows me a chocolate bar I’m going to SCREAM!! So hang in there, and I’ll announce the results as soon as I can!

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