Just 8 days to go: Vive la République!

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Et voilà! The kids of French International School, Hong Kong have entered the fray in my Haunting Haiku Competition, with 30 great entries! So will it be the French who dominate the winners’ list? Or the Canadians? Or will it be YOU? Hurry up and get that entry in – just click on my Competitions Page above for all the details!

Thank you Ashok, Kathyia, Miriam, Shawana, Dominic and all the other Cranbrook Primary kids!

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Well that was fun! I had a great Skype conversation with a whole lot of Grade 6 kids and their teacher Junaida Bana at Cranbrook Primary School in Essex in England on Wednesday, and we talked about everything from food in Hong Kong to favourite books to why I love being an author to the strangest thing I’ve ever seen in China! Thanks kids and Junaida for a great time! See you next February!

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