Did your Dad grow a Mo for Movember?

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If your Dad was brave enough to grow a moustache for Movember then my new Wicked Word for the Week is dedicated to him! And you can use the new word on him today, just before he shaves his moustache off! You’d better be quick – just click on the Wicked Word page above!

A big ROAR to all you lovely Kellett Kids!

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Temujin the Tiger and I would like to thank the kids of Kellett School and their lovely librarian Bernadette Walker for a fabulous day in their primary library today, scaring the socks off the rest of the school as we roared and screamed very loudly indeed! I hope you are enjoying my blog, and look forward to some brilliant Kellett entries in my “IF” competition ending 15 December!

Lock up your carrots! She’s just around the corner…

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IF…The Competition is hotting up!

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Well done all you kids from Hong Kong and Singapore who’ve already entered my IF poem competition this month! There have been wonderful entries from Canadian International School, Shatin Junior School and Kowloon Junior School in Hong Kong, and from St Joseph’s International School, Chatsworth Orchard Rd and Australian International School in Singapore! Some are funny, some are beautiful and some are just a little bit sad – but they’re all GREAT! Keep up the good work all you budding writers out there, and if you haven’t put your entry in yet, you’ve got 23 more days – so get those pens out and start writing!

Auf Wiedersehen to Singapore…and the kids of GESS!

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 Well that was a WONDERFUL week visiting the schools and kids of Singapore, rounded off by a lovely day at the German European School of Singapore on Friday! Thanks to Ranita and the staff and fabulous kids for a great time. I look forward to seeing all your entries in my Competition this month!

G’day all my Aussie compatriots at the AISS!

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G’day again all you Aussies out there! That was SUCH a fun day today at the wonderful AISS and I really enjoyed meeting you all! Glad to see you’re visiting my blog (I have my ways of finding out…!). Keep on reading, keep on writing and above all ENTER MY COMPETITION!!! Or my dragon will eat the lot of you!

Thank you to the fabulous kids and teachers at SJI International School and Chatsworth International School Orchard Campus!

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Temujin and I had a fantastic time yesterday with the kids of the lovely SJI International Elementary School, roaring and screaming our heads off! Then today we met the gorgeous kids and very welcoming staff of Chatsworth International at their beautiful old Orchard Campus. What a treat! I’ll post some photos as soon as I can!

Goodbye Beijing, and hello Singapore!

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It’s his final Roar! Temujin and I are heading off to Singapore today to have fun roaring like tigers and screaming like spoiled princesses with the kids of Singapore! I’ll also be speaking at the Hands On Literacy Conference at Tanglin Trust School to a Lovely Lot of Librarians and a Terrific Tribe of Teachers (how’s that for alliteration?) from all around Asia – that’s going to be fun! So hello Singapore and adios amigos, I’ll tell you all about it when I get back!

Temujin goes to Beijing, and Tarini and I explore the Forbidden City in Beijing – it’s amazing!

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Temujin and I roared up to Beijing for a quick visit last week for a wonderful event at Capital M on the Sunday and a terrific school visit to Daystar Academy on the Friday!  So of course, on Saturday, what better thing to do than to take Temujin’s favourite cousin Tarini to check out the extraordinary Forbidden City, which many of you already know was Harry Harrison’s inspiration for the Grand Imperial Palace in The Tale of Temujin! Here are some photos of this momentous visit!

The Forbidden City was the Imperial Palace in China during the Ming and Qing dynasties and is the largest palace complex in the world! Building began in 1407 and ended in 1420, and it was the home of the Emperors of China right up until Puyi, the last Emperor of China, was expelled from the palace by the Republicans in 1924.

Tarini and I outside the Forbidden City in Tiananmen Square.










Tarini and a real life Princess Precious!








Inside the first courtyard leading into the Forbidden City.


















A very impressive lion guarding one of the palaces – but Tarini wasn’t at all scared!








Guess who’s the Queen of the Castle (or should that be Empress?)!








The eaves of the Hall of Supreme Harmony. You can tell how important a building is in the Forbidden City by counting the number of small animal sculptures on the eaves! This hall is the most important of all, so it has eleven animals!








The exquisitely ornate and colourful painting under the eaves of one of the palaces in the complex.




Two great Imperial symbols: The crane and the tortoise.











The Hall of Central Harmony










The gorgeous golden throne in the Hall of Preserved Harmony










Tarini and I in front of an extraordinary, gigantic stone carving, which was transported from the quarry where it was made to Beijing during the Ming dynasty in the middle of winter, by sliding it along roads which were flooded and then frozen.








The beautiful palace gardens behind the royal palaces where the Emperor and his family and concubines would stroll in the evenings.

These entwined cypress trees are said to symbolize loyalty and love. The last Emperor Puyi and his wife Wanrong had their photos taken in front of it on their wedding day.








A minor pathway in the palace complex.  Can’t you just imagine old scholars walking down the path in their long gowns back in the days of the Ming dynasty!








Farewell to the Forbidden City –  a worthy memorial to the great Emperors of China!

What is the most IMAGINATIVE word in the English language?

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It’s the word “IF“.

This is the word all writers use when they think up their wonderful stories. “If” makes anything possible – the only limits are the boundaries of your imagination!

So I’m dedicating this November to the wonderful word “If”.

My Awesome Author this month wrote her world-famous children’s classic story when she asked “What IF there were tiny people living in the walls and skirting boards of the houses of human beings, that looked like us, and felt like us, and had hopes and dreams like us, but were only 9 inches tall?”.  My Brilliant Book is the result of that question! And to continue the theme, my Competition this month is to write a poem called “IF”. See my Competitions page to find out all about it!

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