Wow! What a fabulously Dirty Party we all had on Saturday!

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There were Neats and Grots galore at the party on Saturday! We had two parties, two readings, two quizzes and WAY too much fun! And in a day or two I’ll be posting a whole lot of photos of the event – so keep your eyes peeled!

Just two days to go!

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Just two more days till the end of my Laugh-Out Loud Limerick Competition – quick sticks, you’d better get your entry in if you haven’t already! Remember to email your entry to me at to be eligible to win first prize of a free signed copy of one of my books!

Lights…Camera… Action! A big THANK YOU to Kennedy School!

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What a fun afternoon that was! 37 kids and I had a fabulous time today when I went to Kennedy School for a reading of The Tale of Temujin, while the talented Stuart Miller and Jennifer Deayton filmed a video of the event! Watch out – that video will be on my website before you know it!

The Dog Blog is BACK!

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Woof!!!! It’s me, Bobby, again! For those of you who haven’t met me before, I own Sarah Brennan. She’s my mum, and also my pet, and I take her for a walk every day! She can be a bit frisky sometimes, so generally I make sure she’s on  the end of my lead. But I must admit that when it’s raining outside, I really HATE getting wet! So I dash outside, do my business, and then dash back inside again, whether my mum likes it or not! In fact, sometimes I go on strike so she has to CARRY me indoors (that way, I don’t get my feet wet!).

Anyway, my mum tells me there’s only 7 days left in the Laugh Out Loud Limerick Competition. So I thought I’d put in a limerick too! Here’s my limerick:

There once was a fabulous pet

Who hated to get his feet wet

Whenever it rained

He complained and complained

Till his mum took him off to the vet.

And just for fun, here’s a second verse:

 The vet said “I have to advise

That your dog is exceptionally wise

And such a fine fella

Deserves an umbrella

Which covers him tail-tip to eyes!

HOWZAT!! Now if a dog can write a limerick, so can YOU! So get out those pens and notepads and write a funny limerick and send it to my mum at to be eligible for the winning prize! And remember, the best ten entries will get published in my mum’s blog at the end of September!


A Happy Moon Festival to you all!

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Today it’s the Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival! It’s over 3000 years old! In China and Hong Kong, people celebrate it by eating delicious mooncakes and drinking tea while sitting out under the full moon.

There are many legends surrounding the Moon Festival, but my favourite is the story of the great archer Houyi and his wife Chang’e. The story goes that at that time, there were ten suns shining on the Earth, one at a time. But one day they all shone together, burning the Earth. So Houyi, who was a famous archer, shot down nine of the suns with his bow and arrow. The people were so grateful that Houyi was made Emperor, but he was a cruel king and everyone hated him. One day, he was given the Elixir of Eternal Life. But before he had a chance to swallow it, his beautiful young wife Chang’e – who was tired of his cruelty to his people – swallowed it instead. The potion was so powerful that it caused her to float up to the moon, where she remains to this day (the Emperor still loved her, so he didn’t shoot her down!).

So why is there a rabbit in the picture? Well…. there’s another legend about a rabbit, a fox and a monkey. One day, three poor old men (who were actually fairy sages in disguise) begged the animals to give them some food. The fox and the monkey both had food to give the old men. But the rabbit had no food to give. So he jumped into the fire and sacrificed himself so that the old men could eat. They were so impressed by his kindness that they sent him to live in a Palace on the Moon, where he became the Jade Rabbit! He lives there to this day, grinding herbal medicines for the Immortals with a mortar and pestle.   

And in some stories, both Chang’e AND the Jade Rabbit are grinding the medicines on the Moon! If you look up at the Moon tonight, you never know, you might just see them!

Hear me chatting to Sarah Passmore on RTHK today!

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Here’s the link if you’d like to hear me rabbitting on to Sarah Passmore about the Dirty Stories on RTHK3 today! I had a lot of fun!

Wow – what a response!

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Wow! We’ve had such a brilliant response to our Dirty Party Invitation that Bookazine has just run out of room! So sadly we’ve had to close the registration list. If you’re coming already – that’s wonderful – we’ll see you there! But if you haven’t registered, please don’t worry – you are most certainly invited to the next party, and I’ll post lots of photos on my blog of the event on Saturday. And remember…Keep it Neat – Don’t be a Grot!


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Do you like BIG words? Well, go to my Wicked Word page for the BIGGEST, BEST, MOST AMAZING, MOST MAGNIFICENT word in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE!! (Just kidding!)

5..4..3..2..1….Just 5 days to go to the Dirtiest Party in Town!

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Don’t forget to register today for the Dirtiest Party in Town this Saturday at Bookazine, Princes Building in Central! Just click on the following link:

and click on the RSVP! Can’t wait to see you there!

The CDNIS kids are going for gold!

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Wow- I just received 16 entries into my Laugh Out Loud Limerick competition from the Canadian International School over the last three days! So the challenge is on! Are you going to let CDNIS scoop the prizes or are you going to send in an entry from YOUR school? Quick, get that pen out and write a funny limerick NOW!! Don’t forget to send it to me at!

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