The Dog Blog returns with a Hairy Haiku!

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WOOOFFF! It’s me, Bobby, back again with the best, most fantastic, most extraordinarily wonderful haiku in the world. I’m INORDINATELY proud of this poem (and if you don’t know what that means, go to my Mum’s new Wicked Word for the Week!) It’s all about what I did last night… Mum didn’t appreciate it, but I can’t think why.


I am an angel

Even when I trash the bins

Like I did last night.

Bobby, Monday, 25 October 2010

Now if I, a mere cocker spaniel, can write a brilliant haiku like that, so can you! Only six days left to go! Get your entry in!

Just 8 days to go: Vive la République!

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Et voilà! The kids of French International School, Hong Kong have entered the fray in my Haunting Haiku Competition, with 30 great entries! So will it be the French who dominate the winners’ list? Or the Canadians? Or will it be YOU? Hurry up and get that entry in – just click on my Competitions Page above for all the details!

Thank you Ashok, Kathyia, Miriam, Shawana, Dominic and all the other Cranbrook Primary kids!

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Well that was fun! I had a great Skype conversation with a whole lot of Grade 6 kids and their teacher Junaida Bana at Cranbrook Primary School in Essex in England on Wednesday, and we talked about everything from food in Hong Kong to favourite books to why I love being an author to the strangest thing I’ve ever seen in China! Thanks kids and Junaida for a great time! See you next February!

London Calling: A big HELLO to the students at Cranbrook Primary School in Essex!

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What fun! I’ll be having a video call with the kids of Cranbrook Primary School in Essex, UK, this afternoon when they’ll be asking me all sorts of questions about my books and about Hong Kong and China, not to mention school life for kids living here! So a big warm Jo San to you all, and if any of my Hong Kong fans want to say hello to your UK counterparts, why not post a comment to this blog?

THE CLOCK IS TICKING – stop this intransigence!!

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Only 12 more days to go to get your entry into my Haunting Haiku Competition! Hurry up or that timebomb is going to explode! But remember to follow the rules on my Competition page to complete your entry!

And if you are STUBBORNLY, UNREASONABLY refusing to write an entry, well that makes you my new Wicked Word for the Week! Check it out on the Wicked Words page!


CDNIS is going for gold again!

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You’ve got to hand it to the kids of Canadian International School Hong Kong – they’ve been busy sending me horribly scary haikus for the last couple of weeks! But what’s happened to all you other kids out there? Where are you all? Have you been kidnapped by an alien from the planet Zurg ? Or maybe you’ve just glued all your fingers to your lunchbox?? Or has your brain been occupied by an evil brain-occupying octopus??? I’m worried about you! Quick, send me an entry into my Haunting Haiku competition to prove to me that you’re still alive!   Details on my Competitions Page!

A Happy Haiku – dedicated to the Chilean miners

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My Haiku for the brave miners of Chile, rescued after 69 days trapped underground

Thirty three miners

Buried deep under the ground

Now they walk on air.

Thursday 14th October 2010

As luck would have it…

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Q: What do these three pictures have in common?

A: They all relate to my new Wicked Word for the Week! So click on my Wicked Words page and find out if you’re in luck with a brand new word to use on your unsuspecting family, friends or teachers this week!

“I said what I meant and I meant what I said!”

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Do you know which famous children’s author said that? And do you know who invented the word “nerd”? Take a look at  my Awesome Author and Brilliant Book pages if you want to find out!

At long last, photos of the Dirty Party!

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A big THANK YOU to Arti, Shonee, Odessa and all the staff at Bookazine for a fabulous Dirty Party on Saturday 25th September! We all had so much fun! Here’s a photo of the Boy who loves Grot! But if you want to see more photos of the party, you’ll have to visit my newly updated Photo Gallery on my funny and fabulous website at right away!

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