Watch out! There’s a Tiger in the Loire Valley!

August 2, 2010 at 4:44 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Bonjour mes amis! It’s Tarini the Tiger, just back from a terrific trip down the Loire Valley in France! Here’s my photo album featuring moi and beaucoup de castles – enjoy!


Here I am setting off from Paris on the train to Tours with my favourite French magazine! (Of course, I am a very literary tiger with advanced reading tastes!)

My favourite French car, called a “2cv ” which means “Deux chevaux” or “Two Horses“!

 Here I am helping my canine friend to guard the Royal Hunting Residence at Loches – in this famous castle, Joan of Arc persuaded the prince to go to Reims to be crowned King Charles VII of France!

Here I am with my friend the Medieval Knight, in his suit of armour. But I reckon I’m MUCH scarier!!

Here’s your favourite tiger in front of the famous Chateau at Chenonceau where the wicked Queen Catherine de Medicis spent her holidays plotting and planning – she was even scarier than Temujin!

The wonderful Chateau de Valencay – one of the great Emperor Napoleon’s favourite castles where he liked to show off how powerful he was to foreign princes! He held three Spanish princes hostage here, for five and a half years!

Here I am sitting in front of the fairytale castle of Chambord, which is said to have inspired the famous story of Sleeping Beauty – of course, I’m much more beautiful.

My famous self posing in front of the famous Loire River, overlooking the rooftops of Amboise, the seat of many a royal French king.

In front of Clos Luce, where Leonardo de Vinci lived his last three years and died in the arms of the French king Francois I. Here he invented many of his famous inventions and wrote many wise things and painted many of his famous paintings. He even made a giant mechanical lion which spilled Fleur de Lys out of its mouth to entertain the king at one of his grand parties!

At last – back to Paris on the train with my new friend the Spotty Leopard. My mum says he’s just a pencil case, but I don’t believe her!

And last but not least, here I am having a cuddle with my mum. Mum’s are the best!

Au Revoir and A Bientot! (Which means “Goodbye and see you later!” in French!)

 And don’t forget to write a story for Mum’s Sizzling Summer competition on the Competition page – you might win one of my mum’s great books!


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  1. Just stumbled upon your blog searching for some other Loire stuff. Your photos are hilarious, love the Tiger!

    • Hi Kristin – what fun! I love it when people stumble on my blog! Do keep visiting, and if you know any kids, take a look at my website and books – they’re a lot of fun too!

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