An ENORMOUS new wicked word awaits you!

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Quick – go to my Wicked Word page to find a really BIG new wicked word with really interesting and unusual origins! It’s HUGE, it’s MASSIVE, it’s STUPENDOUS!!!!!!

17 days to go…

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Hello all you budding writers out there! How are your holidays going? Are you getting just a bit bored with all that relaxation? Just a bit twitched with all that nothing-to-do?? Just that tiny bit interested in getting the old brain cells working again???

Well, here’s the solution – get out your pen or pencil and a nice big block of paper, and write a funny or freaky or just plain fabulous story for my Sizzling Summer Story competition! Take a look at the Competition page to see the choice of three subjects – one of them is just bound to suit you and your own unique style. Then send it to me at in good time for the end of this month when the competition closes. You never know, you might be a winner and get published on my blog! Go for it!!

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