See you later, alligators!

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Well, my friends, it’s time for me to pack my bags and hop on a plane to fly home to Australia to see my mum and dad and sisters and brother! But fear not! I’ll be back with some great new pages in just over two weeks’ time! In the meantime, I hope you all have a WONDERFUL holiday! And I especially hope that you read some wonderful books and better yet, write me a wonderful entry in my Sizzling Summer Challenge Competition!

And if you’re not sure what to say when someone says “See you later alligator” …..

Try saying…”In a while, crocodile…”


This week my Awesome Author wrote my Brilliant Book!

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If you’ve never heard of the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness by Michelle Paver then you’re in for a real treat this week! Take a look at my Brilliant Book page to learn about the first book in the famous series, then go to my Awesome Author page to find out all about the author! Then go to your library or bookshop and get yourself a copy – you won’t be able to put it down!

Learn a great new word for summer!

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This week the new Wicked Word is perfect for a long hot summer! Take a look at my Wicked Word page, learn the word then use it on your mum and dad to really impress them! Then write and tell me what they said!

Join my Sizzling Summer Challenge!

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sun clipart

Are you bored with TV, fed up with your video games, or just looking for something a little more challenging to do in your summer holidays?

Why don’t  you enter my Sizzling Summer Challenge? It’s a great way to get the brain into gear while you’re having fun! There are three great topics to inspire you – visit my Competitions Page to find out what they are and how to enter!

Congratulations to the winners of my Pet Poem Competition!

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Congratulations to Myu Inoue & Jasmine Hui from Year 6, Shatin Junior School, for winning first place in my Pet Poem Competition! And congratulations also to Quarry Bay School Grade 3 for their wonderful entries, with nine kids scooping the rest of the pool! Read their winning entries on my Competitions Page today!

The Dog Blog returns with a Pet Poem!

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WOOOFFF! It’s me, Bobby, in my bohemian artist’s beret.  I’ve been having such a quiet, snoozy June that I almost forgot to put in my entry to my Mum’s Pet Poem Competition! Now I don’t have email, so I’m going to put my poem right here. But if YOU”VE got an entry, you have to email it to my Mum’s address at – so there!

Here’s my poem:


I love my pet; she is the best

Though sometimes she can be a pest.

I take her walking every day

And give her lots of games to play

Like Fetch the Lead or Find the Shoe…

I let her scratch my tummy too.

But even though I make her laugh

She won’t forget my weekly bath

Nor will my most annoying pet

Cancel my visits to the Vet!

She makes me sad, she makes me glum

But in the end, she’s still my MUM!

Bobby Dazzler, Dog Poet Extraordinaire

I think my poem’s the BEST!! Well, it’s the best entry from a dog, let’s face it! I can’t wait to see your entries so make sure you send them in today!

And have a great summer!


Calling last entries!!

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Tomorrow’s the day when I decide the winner of my Pet Poem competition! So get that entry in NOW if you want to have the chance of winning a free copy of one of my books!

So why are books called books?

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I love finding out where words come from. The history of our language tells us so much about our history as people! And the English language is a very crazy mix of many different languages, which says a lot about the history of England over thousands of years, especially the people who invaded England or parts of England and conquered it during that long time.
For example, we all know that a lot of English words come from ancient Latin – that’s because the Romans occupied England for almost five hundred years from 54BC to 410 AD. And many of our words come from the French language too – thanks to William the Conqueror who so famously invaded England and occupied it in 1066. And in between there were Germanic tribes who brought Germanic languages, then the Vikings who brought Old Norse. And of course the first Britons, even before the invasions, had their own language as well.
So the English language is a wonderful hodge podge of very different languages, and all the richer and more interesting because of it!
Now I got to wondering today why “books” are called “books”? And the answer is really interesting.
The word book comes from Old English “bōc” which in its turn comes from a Germanic root “*bōk-“, which means “beech” – as in the beech tree. Even more interestingly, if you look at other languages like Russian and even Latin and Sanskrit (the ancient language of India) their word for “book” also goes back to a type of tree.  
People who study the origin of language (etymologists) think that the reason why the word “book” derives from “beech” is that the first writing was inscribed on slabs of wood, called tablets, made out of beechwood, or maybe that the first writing was inscribed on beech trees themselves.
Maybe that’s why one of the nicest places to read a book is sitting under a tree!


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Only seven more days to go to blast off! In other words, if you haven’t put in your entry yet to my Pet Poem Competition you’d better get writing! See if you can be the lucky winner of a copy of one of my books – including the brand new versions of my Dirty Story titles! Just click the Clever Competition button above for all the details!

And another Awesome Author and Brilliant Book!

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This week I’m featuring the brilliant children’s writer Michael Morpurgo and his book Alone on the Wide Wide Sea. Just click the tabs above to find out more!

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