Beware all you nifty Neats – the ghastly Grots are coming to town!

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If you’re a Nancy Neat or even just an Annie Average or a Johnny Just-So-So,you’d better keep your eyes peeled and your brooms at the ready – the Grots are returning in just three weeks now to a bookstore near you! The Dirty Stories are back at the printers for a fabulous new third edition, with a wacky and wonderful new map of the Twinkle Downs inside the foldout front cover! So get your gloves on – there’s going to be filth and fun galore as the dastardly deeds continue on the Twinkle Downs…

Harriet Houdini replies…

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Well hello there, it’s Harriet Houdini (actually, I’m really called Cherry Blossom – Chezza for short – but my mum decided to call me Harriet Houdini after the great escape artist Harry Houdini, when I escaped from my cage one  day and hid in the fanbelt of the airconditioner!). I wish to make it perfectly clear that I have no particular desire to chat to Bobby or any other dog for that matter. Bobby doesn’t speak Hamster, or Rodent, or anything remotely resembling my language and frankly I think he’s BORING! Give me a canary to talk to any day ….

Dog Blog #2: It’s a dog’s life!

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WOOOOFF! It’s your canine buddy Bobby again, with a sad message to all my fans out there. You know, it’s a ruff life being the dog of a busy author. I lie on my chair for hours on end, being absolutely adorable, gorgeous, intelligent and modest, with my tummy perfectly ready for a good old tickle, and does my famous mum even look in my direction? Not ONCE, not even when I give her my saddest most woebegone look out of my big brown eyes. I have to rely on the rest of my family – the girls, my dad and my helper Zel (who is the love of my life) – to give me lots of cuddles and hugs, while my mum just click clacks away on the computer, or scribble scrabbles away with a pen, or yak yak yaks on the phone.  Sometimes, I’m even reduced to talking to the hamster. I tell you, it’s a dog’s life.

The countdown begins!

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Just ten more days to go before the acrostic competition closes and the winners are announced! So if you haven’t sent me an acrostic on your name yet, you’d better get that pencil out and start writing! Remember – the best 10 entries will get published on my blog, and the winner will get a free signed copy of one of my books of their choice! Remember you must email me your entry at – if you just post your reply on my blog I won’t be able to contact you if you’re the winner!

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