The Dog Blog begins!

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My name is Bobby and Sarah Brennan belongs to me!  Being a modern dog in a technological age, it’s my humble opinion that all dogs should have a blog.  So here’s my first post.

Now my mum has set a competition where you have to write an acrostic based on your name. I reckon I’m as good a poet as anyone else, so here’s my acrostic:


Obedient (well I think so – don’t ask my mum!)

Beautiful (and modest!)

Benign (which means I wouldn’t hurt a flea – not that I have one!)


So what’s your acrostic going to look like? Send it to my mum at and see if you’re a winner!

Bye bye for now!


Thank you Australian International School!

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Today I had a fantastic day visiting the Australian International School in Kowloon Tong! The princesses screamed, the tigers roared and the teachers and librarians lost their hearing! It was fair dinkum Aussie fun! Thank you Megan and Darryl and all the staff and kids for a truly memorable day!

And it’s on!! My first competition has just begun!

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Get ready…Get steady…..Go!

Visit my Competitions Page and take part in the very first Funny and Fabulous competition on my Blogsite!

Best of luck!

Have you ever read a Dog Blog?

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Uh-oh! Bobby wants a blog too!

Many of you have already heard me talk about my dog Bobby – he’s the one who eats strange foods and can speak five different languages! He’s just told me that he wants to be part of the blog-tion!

And why not, that’s what I say! Keep posted for Bobby’s first Dog Blog – it may come sooner than you think!

Warning All Gruesome Grots!

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The naturally nice Neats of Twinkle Downs are returning to Hong Kong by the end of May in a brand new edition of A Dirty Story and An Even Dirtier Story! There’s a brand new map of the Twinkle Downs inside the cover by the one and only Harry Harrison and you’ll even be able to buy a poster of the map to stick on your bedroom wall! 

My wacky website just got updated!

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My funny and fabulous website just got even funnier and more fabulous!  So don’t just sit there! Visit it NOW for some really weird and wonderful noises, perfect for driving your mum and dad up the wall!! Then post a comment to tell me which one you like the best!

There’s also all the news about my last trip to Shanghai for the International Literary Festival and my latest school tours- see if your school is in my photo gallery!

Welcome to my funny and fabulous Blog!

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Fasten your seatbelts! 3…2…1…  BLAST OFF!

The funniest, most fabulous blog in the blogosphere is now officially launched! Come here for all the latest news about me, my  books, my website and more!! And don’t think you’re in for an easy ride! There are going to be competitions and challenges galore! So get those pencils and wits sharpened and prepare to join in the fun!     

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