Tick tock, tick tock, today’s the deadline date in my Shaggy Sheep Poem competition!

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A big hello to everyone out there who has already sent in their wonderful Shaggy Sheep Poem for my competition! Now for those who haven’t yet, you’re VERY lucky that I’m writing this blog from Paris, especially if you live in a different time zone, as I’m going to give everyone till 12 midnight Paris time to get their entries in! But after that, my friends, your time is up! So if you still haven’t sent it, you have just a few hours left – hurry hurry! And for those who have sent theirs in, join me in my next post on Rodney Ram’s Literary Tour of Paris!

Giddy Up! The Handsome Horse Poem Competition starts NOW!

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It’s the Year of the Horse, so what better way to gallop off to a great start than to enter my new Clever Competition for primary school students! And of course, the topic is HORSES! I want you to write me a poem all about a horse, or horses! It can be any sort of poem, be that an acrostic or a haiku or rhyming verse or free verse, or even a limerick or knock knock joke! See my Clever Competitions page above for all the details. The ten best winners in each category will become world famous right away when they are published on my blog – since I get visits to my blog from all corners of the globe! The deadline is Friday 28th March, so you’d better giddy up and get writing!

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