Visit to Shatin Junior by Zoom!

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I just visited the kids and teachers Shatin Junior School by Zoom, to do a fun live story reading of The Tale of Run Run Rat! We had over 120 kids logging in! Thanks so much to teachers Trudy McMillin and James Haworth for organising and hosting this fun online event! Below you can see a couple of fun video clips, and above, some photos. You can even see my little dog Mozart in one of them, enjoying the story!

Thank you Shatin Junior School mums and dads!

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Last night I had the great honour of speaking to over 150 parents of Shatin Junior School students about How to Create Writers in the Digital Age. I talked about the growing body of science showing the benefits of reading print books for the brain…as well as the problems of digital addiction amongst children, from infants to teenagers, and the shortcomings of screens for developing brains. I talked about the importance of imaginative play, and limiting time spent on extra-curricular activities so that children have plenty of free time. I also talked about redesigning the home with bookshelves, reading lamps and books galore, and regular outings to bookshops and libraries to browse the shelves. And a lot more! It was great to be amongst such motivated mums and dads! Many thanks to my wonderful host Karen Middleton!

My third and final day at SJS!

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Today I was so happy to visit my friends at Shatin Junior School again for my How to Write a Riveting Story Workshop with the wonderful Year 4s! But I’m also very sad to be finishing my three day visit too! You can cheer me up again by entering my Clever Competition (see tab above), and if the Year 4s use that Story Planning Sheet to plan their stories, I’m sure they’re going to be fantastic! And thanks for the lovely book orders! You’ll have them all by next week!


Another day of publishing workshops at Shatin Junior School!

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Many thanks to the Fabulous Five Year 5 teachers at Shatin Junior for having me again today, to talk to their business-minded students about the ins and outs of publishing your own book, from Brilliant Idea to Final Product! I look forward to seeing all your creations on the bookshelves of bookstores in Hong Kong in the years to come! See you all again next Tuesday!

A fun day with my old friends at Shatin Junior School!

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It was great to see my old friends at Shatin Junior School again today, and to introduce all the kids from Year 1 to Year 5 to my mischievous Ming Kee Monkey…not to mention the great Emperor Taizong of Tang, the brave Buddhist traveller Xuanzang, and The Legend of the Monkey King and the Journey to the West! And after a fun day of story readings, I ended with a workshop with Class 5.4 on Publishing Picture Books from Brilliant Idea to Final Product! During my publishing workshop, I had the great pleasure to meet a fellow-publisher, Justin Au, who has published his own fantastic book of cartoons! Here we are below with our books:


I’ll be back again with more workshops for the Year 5s tomorrow, and with Writing Workshops for the Year 4s next Tuesday. I can’t wait! Many thanks to literacy co-ordinator Skye Jeynes for inviting me!

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