Helloooo St Michael’s Collegiate girls!

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Today I spent a fabulous morning at St Michael’s Collegiate Middle School and a fantastic afternoon at Collegiate Junior School in South Hobart! The Grade 5s and Grade 4s worked very hard – with a lot of fun thrown in – in two Introduction to Poetry Workshops, with some excellent work in rhyming words, solving limerick puzzles and writing a group haiku about their teachers :). The Grade 6 girls learned all about Publishing a Picture Book from Brilliant Idea to Final Product:- I do hope you find it helpful when you make your picture books later this year girls! And the gorgeous Grades 2 to 4 heard my Tale of Rickshaw Rooster and learned some fascinating Chinese history! And afterwards I signed lots and lots of books for my new fans! It was such fun to meet you all and I’m sure I’m going to get some terrific entries from you all in my upcoming Clever Competitions! Huge thanks to the lovely Jodie Heath for inviting me and being such a stellar host! More photos to come!


Another day of publishing workshops at Shatin Junior School!

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Many thanks to the Fabulous Five Year 5 teachers at Shatin Junior for having me again today, to talk to their business-minded students about the ins and outs of publishing your own book, from Brilliant Idea to Final Product! I look forward to seeing all your creations on the bookshelves of bookstores in Hong Kong in the years to come! See you all again next Tuesday!

A fun day with my old friends at Shatin Junior School!

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It was great to see my old friends at Shatin Junior School again today, and to introduce all the kids from Year 1 to Year 5 to my mischievous Ming Kee Monkey…not to mention the great Emperor Taizong of Tang, the brave Buddhist traveller Xuanzang, and The Legend of the Monkey King and the Journey to the West! And after a fun day of story readings, I ended with a workshop with Class 5.4 on Publishing Picture Books from Brilliant Idea to Final Product! During my publishing workshop, I had the great pleasure to meet a fellow-publisher, Justin Au, who has published his own fantastic book of cartoons! Here we are below with our books:


I’ll be back again with more workshops for the Year 5s tomorrow, and with Writing Workshops for the Year 4s next Tuesday. I can’t wait! Many thanks to literacy co-ordinator Skye Jeynes for inviting me!

A Publishing Workshop at WIS!

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WIS workshop #5

Yesterday I had the huge pleasure of meeting 16 enthusiastic writers and artists from Year 7 at West Island School, as part of the WIS Arts Festival, with my special workshop about Publishing Picture Books from Brilliant Idea to Final Product! It was wonderful to meet so many talented young people, and to show them some real life examples of manuscripts, artist’s sketches and scamps, layouts and dummy books. I wish them the very best of luck for their future publishing careers!

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