Some wonderful Storm Whale reviews in the UK

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Hello my friends! I hope you’ve had a GREAT school holiday! It’s been a long, quiet summer holiday here in Hong Kong, and I’m feeling wonderful – especially when I read the lovely reviews Storm Whale has been getting in the UK, where UK publisher Old Barn Books released our beautiful story on the 1st August!

Here are two new reviews:

Best picture book of the year from Clare Zinkin at

And five stars from Anne Thompson at who says it its the most beautiful picture she’s read for a while!

And speaking of whales…I still haven’t received your entry in my Wonderful Whale Haiku Competition! So go to my Clever Competitions page on the link above, or here for all the information, and start writing!



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  1. Dear Sarah
    Not au fait with technology, and cannot find where to purchase “Storm Whale ” in Australia. Tried Booktopia.
    Your advice?
    You have obviously found your calling:
    Well done!

    • Hi George! It’s lovely to hear from you :)! Storm Whale sold very fast in its first month so had to go into immediate reprint, which is probably why it’s not currently available on Booktopia. I’d give it another few weeks as I understand that the reprint is now done. Or you could try ordering at QBD?? Hang in there, it’s coming again soon. Hope all is wonderful in your world. Sarah

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