A Rhyming Testimonial from Rose Bay Public School!

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I’ve just received the cleverest testimonial in rhyme from Sarah Skelton at Rose Bay Public School and couldn’t resist sharing it with you all right away! Here it is…I think that Sarah is a great poet, don’t you?

Sarah Brennan an author of Chinese Tales arrived
Presenting fascinating stories she devised.
The Rose Bay students, all 600 were enthralled by her presentation
All the K-6 teachers we would recommend her without hesitation.
She has inspired some future writers amongst all our stages
Already our students are reading and writing pages.
Many of our students will be sending you emails
Thank you for visiting and teaching us about the Chinese Tales.
Sarah Skelton (Rose Bay Public School Librarian)

Rodney Ram meets the fabulous Kincoppal kids!

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What a fun day I just had with the keen readers and writers of Grades 3 to 6 at Kincoppal Rose Bay in Sydney! We started with a fun reading of my latest book, The Tale of Rodney Ram, then had three fabulous workshops where we talked about How to Write a Riveting Story. After the sessions, some of the classes immediately got started on story plans for my Clever Competition – and I can’t wait to read the results! Warm thanks to librarian Helen Webster (above) for being such a kind and supportive host.

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