A Mega-Update to my Website – and a Reminder to enter my holiday Writing Competition!

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I love holidays! At last, there’s time to breathe, to unwind, and to do all those fun things we don’t have time for during our normal working life! And for we busy authors, it’s a great chance to update our websites – big time! So if you want to see photos and news from all the schools and bookshops I’ve visited in the last six months in Beijing, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore and Sydney with my Chinese Calendar Tales family; or to read all the latest press articles and interviews; or to view a new Youtube video; or to check out some brand new testimonials from school students, teachers and librarians about my books and school visits, then click on the link below and go to my Newsroom and School Visits pages! http://www.sarah-brennan.com.

Another thing holidays are great for is entering Writing Competitions! My current story competition for primary school kids is a load of fun! Your story has to include –
a ram;
a Chinese Empress or Princess;
a talking frog;
a storm;
the colour vermilion
and must be set in China!
How’s that for a challenge? Go to the Clever Competitions page above right away for all the details. The deadline is 6 September, so you’ve still got time to write a stunning story!

And of course, the very best thing about holidays is that we’ve all got time to read lots and lots of fantastic books! And remember, reading books keeps us ALL healthy, wealthy and wise – so get reading!

A fun interview at Christian Alliance International School, Hong Kong!

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Here’s a fun interview I had earlier this year with Bryce Goff of Christian Alliance International School which he has very kindly shared with me – enjoy!

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