A Fun Friday at Chatswood Library and Killara Public School!

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Friday was full of fabulous fun when I visited Chatswood Library in the morning to meet some lovely Year 5 and Year 6 students and teachers from Our Lady of Dolours School. It was great to share the fabulous Chinese history behind the Silk Road, and my Tale of a Dark Horse! 

Killara PS #1Killara PS #3

In the afternoon, I visited Killara Public School with my Tale of Pin Yin Panda and met just about everybody, including star librarian Mitchell Stone, and Rex the Crocodile, seen above left having a bit of a ….chat….with Chester Choi the Dragon! 

Killara PS #4SAM_5441

Thank you to Wendy Aouad (above left) who was my very kind minder for the day! And an even bigger thank you to Scott Whitmont, owner of the famous Lindfield Bookshop and Children’s Manager Sarah Griffiths (above right) who arranged my visits – I had a lot of fun bringing some fascinating Chinese history and folklore to the kids of North Sydney!

Two fabulous Sydney schools and one terrific library today!

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Well that was a busy day today in Lindfield and Gordon! In the morning I visited the gorgeous Grade 1s and 2s at Highfield Prep School and introduced them to my vain Pin Yin Panda and the Chinese Zodiac! Here I am with lovely librarian Cath Parker and some of the kids!


Then it was off to Lindfield East Public School to introduce my Chinese Calendar Tales to a hall-ful of lovely kids from Years 2 and 3. We had a lot of fun with Pin Yin Panda! Thank you so much Pam Multhorpe (below) for hosting me!

SAM_5435Lindfield East PS #2

Last of all I visited Ku-Ring-Gai Library at Gordon, where I met some lovely local kids and their mums and dads. A big thank you to Rebecca who hosted me, especially for the beautiful flowers!


Last but certainly not least, thank you to Margaret Knight of Lindfield Books who looked after me all day – that was fun!


Hello Sydney!

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Hello to all you lucky Sydney kids! I’ve just arrived for Book Week and will be visiting 5 wonderful schools (HIghfields Prep, Lindfield East Public School, Killara Public School, Chatsworth Public School and Kambala) and 2 super libraries (Ku-Ring-Gai and Chatswood) over the next week! I can’t wait to meet you all!

My Brand New Clever Competition has just commenced!

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Don’t you just LOVE trees? Of course, they are essential to our lives here on Planet Earth – without them, we wouldn’t be able to breathe! But they are also beautiful, and graceful, and full of Nature’s wisdom! When I was a child in Tasmania, we had a wonderful cubby house in an old tree, where my sisters and brother and I spent many happy hours playing house! As a student at University in Brisbane, I used to hug a big old gum tree in a park near our home. It was so reassuring to know that, no matter how stressful my studies or close my exams, this big old tree would still be there in a hundred years time. And even now, as an adult, I love sitting under trees to read a book or to think of ideas for my stories – or even just to have a snooze – though as we live in an apartment block without a garden, that’s usually when we’re away on holidays! Somehow, trees are so comfortable and kind.

So I’ve decided that it’s high time we had a competition devoted to these gentle green giants! This time, I want you to write me a poem about your favourite tree! It can be any kind of poem, whether that’s a rhyming ballad, an acrostic, a haiku, free verse, even a limerick! The deadline is Friday 10th October, so why not go and sit under a tree and start writing?! See my Clever Competitions page above for all the information and rules!

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