My Brand New Clever Competition has just commenced!

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Don’t you just LOVE trees? Of course, they are essential to our lives here on Planet Earth – without them, we wouldn’t be able to breathe! But they are also beautiful, and graceful, and full of Nature’s wisdom! When I was a child in Tasmania, we had a wonderful cubby house in an old tree, where my sisters and brother and I spent many happy hours playing house! As a student at University in Brisbane, I used to hug a big old gum tree in a park near our home. It was so reassuring to know that, no matter how stressful my studies or close my exams, this big old tree would still be there in a hundred years time. And even now, as an adult, I love sitting under trees to read a book or to think of ideas for my stories – or even just to have a snooze – though as we live in an apartment block without a garden, that’s usually when we’re away on holidays! Somehow, trees are so comfortable and kind.

So I’ve decided that it’s high time we had a competition devoted to these gentle green giants! This time, I want you to write me a poem about your favourite tree! It can be any kind of poem, whether that’s a rhyming ballad, an acrostic, a haiku, free verse, even a limerick! The deadline is Friday 10th October, so why not go and sit under a tree and start writing?! See my Clever Competitions page above for all the information and rules!

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