Meet a Clever Competition Place Winner from Sydney!

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Meet Chelsea Parker-Burton, talented writer and Third Place Winner in the Grade 4 to 6 Section of my Handsome Horse Poem Competition earlier this year! I had the great pleasure of meeting Chelsea yesterday in person at her school Kambala! As you can see, Chelsea is particularly fond of horses which perhaps explains why her poem was particularly good! You can read Chelsea’s poem, together with all the other winning entries, by clicking the Handsome Horse Poem tab on the Clever Competitions page at the right!

And if you want to be a Competition Winner yourself, why not enter my new Favourite Tree Poem Competition! See all the details on the Clever Competition page above!

A Big Hello to Melbourne!

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I’ve just arrived in Melbourne for Book Week and I’m so excited to be visiting three fabulous schools here! Tomorrow I’ll be visiting Geelong Grammar Junior School in Toorak; on Friday I’ll see my friends at Methodist Ladies College, then next Monday I’ll be visiting St Joseph’s Malvern for the first time! See you all soon!

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