Yippee! The holidays are here…freedom at last!!

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After a long June, the holidays are just around the corner and it’s time to kick your heels up and rejoice! Enjoy your freedom, my friends, and have fun! And remember… any time you think you haven’t got much to do, there’s always a fabulous book to read or story to write! I’m off to Sydney and Melbourne for Book Week in August, and will be back in Hong Kong ready for a fabulous new school year in September! Until then, see you later, alligators!

Congratulations to the writers of Grade 5, Discovery College!

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This morning it was my great pleasure to visit Discovery College Primary Assembly to congratulate the winners in the Grade 4 to 6 Category of my Super Silk Road Story writing competition! It was terrific to meet the place winners in person in the assembly, then to speak for a few minutes to all the Grade 5s about their stories. Well done all of you! Jay Haddow, Chad Roussow and Rohan Williamson

Above – from right to left : First Place winner Rohan Williamson; Third Place winner Chad Rossouw and Fourth Place winner Jay Haddow

Maelee Baron and Adrian Wong

Above – from left to right: Maelee Baron and Adrian Wong, who both received Honourable Mentions

Hello to the fabulous girls of Diocesan Girls Junior School!

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A big hello to the gorgeous girls of Diocesan Girls Junior School! I had a wonderful time today talking to everybody – from Grade One to Grade Six! – about how how I became an author and why it’s so important to keep reading books in the internet age. Then they met my handsome Dark Horse in a story reading of my latest book! It was fun! I’d like to thank the lovely Deputy Head, Mrs Yau, and head of English Miss Yu, for inviting me today and for being such warm and welcoming hosts! And I hope to see lots of fantastic writing from the girls of DGJS in my future writing competitions!

Hooray! The results are out in my Super Silk Road Story Competition!

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It’s time to celebrate! The results of my Super Silk Road Story Competition are out!

Thank you to the fabulous 111 writers who entered, from 13 different schools in 5 different cities around the world, from Hong Kong to Shanghai to Singapore to Sydney to Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire in the United Kingdom! I had a ball reading all of your stories!

Congratulations to all the place-winners, and special congratulations to First Place Winners Kristina Akova of  German Swiss International School, Hong Kong in the Grade 1 to Grade 3 Category and Rohan Munro Williamson of  Discovery College, Hong Kong, in the Grade 4 to Grade 6 Category.

Go to my Clever Competitions page above right away to read all the place-winning entries!



Be patient, my friends!

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Phew – I’m just about camel-ed out!!! I’ve been reading stories about pink camels, 5-humped camels, evil camels, good camels – just about every camel you could imagine – and all set on the Silk Road of course! I am SO impressed by all the hard work you’ve all put in – so much excellent research about the Silk Road, and so many fabulous Wicked Words, and such a lot of thought and fun has gone into your stories! Well done all of you, and thanks for all the stories – I’m really enjoying myself. And now…to get back to judging the rest of them – I’ll announce the results as soon as I can!

Wow! What a Super Lot of Entries in my Silk Road Story Competition!

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A big hello to all the clever writers out there who entered into my Super Silk Road Story Competition over the last 2 months! There were a massive 111 entries from students in 13 schools from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney and the United Kingdom! The deadline is now past, and the judging has begun! But please have patience my friends! That’s a heck of a lot of stories to read and I may be some time….!

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