Hello to the fabulous girls of Diocesan Girls Junior School!

June 23, 2014 at 5:33 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments


A big hello to the gorgeous girls of Diocesan Girls Junior School! I had a wonderful time today talking to everybody – from Grade One to Grade Six! – about how how I became an author and why it’s so important to keep reading books in the internet age. Then they met my handsome Dark Horse in a story reading of my latest book! It was fun! I’d like to thank the lovely Deputy Head, Mrs Yau, and head of English Miss Yu, for inviting me today and for being such warm and welcoming hosts! And I hope to see lots of fantastic writing from the girls of DGJS in my future writing competitions!


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  1. It was a wonderful time with you and I enjoyed the story-telling time the most. Your childhood life was funny and your dog is unique, he knows so many languages!

    • Hello Holly, I’m so glad that you enjoyed my talk and especially the story! My dog Bobby is indeed unique! Right now he’s lying on his bed which he likes us to put UNDER our big television cabinet, because he thinks it’s his special cave!

  2. I love the story

    • Thank you Eunice! I love the kids who love my stories!!!

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